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European Straight Pull Rifles

It’s ironic that while most of the tri-lug rifles available here come from overseas manufacturers, European hunters — at least those who can afford them — prefer straight-pulls like the Merkel, Blaser and Heym. What’s really interesting is the fact that the only feature these three guns share is that they function with a simple pull-push Continue reading European Straight Pull Rifles


The Barrett Fieldcraft

The Fieldcraft bucks the trend toward detachable magazines but that connective web of stock material beneath the magazine well vastly increases the stock’s rigidity.

Each year Safari Club International chooses only one rifle to be named the Gun of the Year. SCI’s Gun of the Year is offered only through SCI Chapter Fundraising events. With more than 160 SCI Chapters worldwide, SCI Chapters have helped support wildlife conservation and the fight to preserve our hunting freedoms.  

Safari Club International is proud to announce that the 2019 SCI Gun of the Year is the Barrett Fieldcraft. This rifle has been exclusively customized for SCI with a unique black stock, black Cerakoted barrel and SCI Laser markings. Only 50 rifles were produced and are marked with limited edition numbers 1 through 50. The 2019 SCI Gun of the Year is only available through SCI Chapter fundraising events.

Anyone who’s a serious gun enthusiast is probably familiar with the Barrett name and that company’s formidable .50 BMG sniper rifles that are used not only by our armed forces, but by Continue reading The Barrett Fieldcraft

CZ Model 557

Readers of SAFARI Magazine, particularly our international readers, are probably familiar with the CZ Model 550. This classic Mauser-style rifle offers Continue reading CZ Model 557

Ashbury Precision Jäeger

Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg. (APO) enters the traditional hunting rifle market with its new premium JÄEGER Rifle. These classically designed custom hunting rifles are built with precision machined stainless steel actions, match grade hand lapped barrels and advanced technology premium grade Continue reading Ashbury Precision Jäeger