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Who’s The Boss?

So, as the story goes, a friend of mine, his PH, and a new cameraman closed with a buffalo herd and my friend was preparing to shoot a big, old bull. Except the cameraman couldn’t figure out which one to focus on. The PH kept saying, “The big boss, man, it’s the big boss.” Eventually the herd spooked, no shots fired. The cameraman could only say, “How am I supposed to know which one was the boss?” Continue reading Who’s The Boss?


Wild Hogs—Our Best Teacher

I don’t know exactly who went out and counted them, but by some estimates there are now nine million feral hogs in the United States. After whitetail deer they are now the most numerous large wild animal in North America. The big population is from Oklahoma and Texas on across the Southeast, but feral hogs have been spotted Continue reading Wild Hogs—Our Best Teacher

Argentina Mixed Bag

If you’re a shotgunner South America’s high-volume wingshooting must be on your bucket list. If you’re a big-game hunter, you simply must hunt red stag in the roar. I’m not a serious angler but, among those who are, I’m told that the bright golden tail-walking dorado is considered among the world’s top freshwater game fish. Argentina offers all three…and a whole lot more! Continue reading Argentina Mixed Bag

The Fine Art Of Observing

There’s nothing new about women who hunt. We know about Diana, goddess of the hunt, and one of the major evening events at our convention is presenting the Diana Award, honoring one of our great modern huntresses. However, it shouldn’t be politically incorrect to state as historical fact that hunting has always been primarily a male-dominated sport. Continue reading The Fine Art Of Observing