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The Fine Art Of Observing

There’s nothing new about women who hunt. We know about Diana, goddess of the hunt, and one of the major evening events at our convention is presenting the Diana Award, honoring one of our great modern huntresses. However, it shouldn’t be politically incorrect to state as historical fact that hunting has always been primarily a male-dominated sport. Continue reading The Fine Art Of Observing


Back To School!

The other day my old friend Bob Boutang called me with some questions for a Masters thesis he’s working on. Bob’s a retired conservation officer, a bit older than I am. It probably doesn’t speak well of me, but the last thing in the world I ever wanted to do was go back to school! And I never did, at least not in the formal sense. However, one thing I’ve learned: Never say “never.” Continue reading Back To School!


When Dan Baker and Gladys Taggart bid on Jamy Traut’s auction package at our 2019 Convention, they knew they would be hunting in Namibia. I’d agreed to go along, so I knew that as well, and I also knew Jamy would put on a great safari. None of us knew we’d be hunting in an unlimited expanse encompassing 1.6 million acres of wild Africa! Continue reading KAOKOLAND SAFARI

A TALE OF TWO “.450s”

Planning the perfect safari battery is always a challenge. With Africa’s great variety it’s almost impossible to be perfectly armed for everything one might encounter. In the old days, the African battery was typically three rifles: “Light” for small to medium plains game; “medium” for the largest antelope and perhaps lion; and a “heavy” for the big stuff — and sometimes it’s fun to have a shotgun as well! Continue reading A TALE OF TWO “.450s”