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There are two schools of taxonomic thought. Splitters, who divide animal species into as many races and subspecies as possible, and lumpers, who prefer the opposite approach. We hunters tend to be splitters. Witness a half-dozen record book categories each for caribou, roan and waterbuck — with few among us qualified to tell them apart except by geographic location. Continue reading TREASURES OF THE SIERRA MADRES


No different than most of us, I might have made some great hunting memories in spring 2020, except for an ugly little virus! Yep, I had some great plans that crumbled into dust. At this writing, in mid-May, we appear to be opening up a bit. I hope that continues, but so far, I’m luckier than many. I haven’t lost anyone close to COVID-19, our family is all fine and I still have (most of) my business. Hunting is forever and will continue. In due time I’ll be packing my bags, zeroing a rifle and getting ready to head out. Continue reading POST-PANDEMIC HUNT PLANNING


Midafternoon heat was at its peak when Jake White and Jared Christensen approached the waterhole, shaded by several big trees. A few heifers and calves lounged nearby and some valley quail darted in to water on the far side, but otherwise all was completely still. As we approached, only Jake had seen—he thought—a wild hog near the water. Continue reading FIRST BIG GAME

Turkey Travels

March, spring is in the air and a hunter’s fancy turns to…turkeys! Spring gobblers are probably North America’s second-most popular hunting pursuit, following fall deer seasons. Continue reading Turkey Travels