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The last week in March should be a perfect time to hunt spring turkeys in Mississippi. That far south the gobblers start fairly early—as does the season. We planned it a long time ahead; a hunt with old friends Bill Bynum and Kevin Howard, Mike Jones of the Mississippi tourism department, world champion turkey caller Preston Pittman and a couple other writers and rogues. Continue reading Control


See You In Reno!

Honest folks, I really enjoyed our convention just past! This was in spite of myself because, as a small exhibitor as well as an attendee, going into an unfamiliar venue to set up shop ranges from daunting to downright terrifying (depending on the moment). Continue reading See You In Reno!

SAUER 100, SAUER 404 – Two Awesome Hunting Rifles!

Sauer is a time-honored name in fine German sporting firearms. Dating back to 1751, it’s the oldest German brand still in operation, but it gets a bit confusing. Continue reading SAUER 100, SAUER 404 – Two Awesome Hunting Rifles!

January Deer

January is a “C” month — “C” for Convention. Some conventions, like our SCI gathering in 2018, crowd into February, but, typically, in January I attend the SHOT Show; pretty much mandatory in my business. Whether in January or February, for sure I’ll attend our big convention, and then I have choices among at least a half-dozen other hunters’ gatherings. Doesn’t matter how hard you try or how much you’d like to, nobody can do them all! Continue reading January Deer