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Easy Sheep Country?

I’m not exactly certain why, but I’ve been wanting one more Dall sheep for some time. Perhaps more explainable is that I wanted a ram from Alaska’s far-north Brooks Range. The Brooks lie across northern Alaska like a giant barrier, dividing Arctic from interior—but it’s good sheep country, also fairly low and somewhat gentle. Continue reading Easy Sheep Country?


Big Aussie Buffaloes!

I’d been there a couple of times before. Greg Pennicott’s buffalo concession in Australia’s vast Northern Territories encompasses, literally, millions of acres, from eucalyptus forest to floodplain to coastline. Water buffaloes like the open floodplains with plenty of Continue reading Big Aussie Buffaloes!

Pearls Of Uganda

Storm clouds built up over the distant treeline, thunder and lightning getting closer until the first fat raindrops fell. It was early afternoon. Few sounds are more soothing than soft rain on canvas and Continue reading Pearls Of Uganda

Craig Boddington Wins Weatherby Award

SCI Life member and Safari Times and SAFARI Magazine columnist Craig Boddington has been named winner of the prestigious Weatherby Award.

“Congratulations to Craig Boddington, who has been named the 2017 Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award winner,” stated the Weatherby Foundation when it announced the winner recently. Continue reading Craig Boddington Wins Weatherby Award