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A Straight-Pull Lapua!

The .375 bullet shattered both shoulders. A stone’s toss into the thicket, the gemsbok collapsed. If it had not, however, my second shot would have come in a heartbeat. My rifle cycled twice as fast as any turn-bolt – though it was stronger than many, and exceedingly accurate. Continue reading A Straight-Pull Lapua!

European Straight Pull Rifles

Merkel RX Helix
The Merkel RX Helix is the newest of the European straight pulls. Like the Blaser, it offers barrel/caliber interchangeability.

The most popular rifles among European hunters today are the straight pull offerings of Blaser, Merkel and Heym, yet here in the States not a single manufacturer offers such a gun, at least not in a centerfire. Why is that? Continue reading European Straight Pull Rifles

New Mauser 98 & Blaser R8 Professional S

Mauser rifles Mauser 98
Mauser’s new M98 Magnum is superbly crafted and as elegant as it is functional.

Based on the original design drawings, the new Mauser M98 Magnum has combined the unique strengths of the ’98 action with modern Continue reading New Mauser 98 & Blaser R8 Professional S

Blaser Introduces the R8 Professional Success Black Edition

huntforeverBlaserR8ProSuccessLike the most successful hunters, Blaser is continually on a quest for the best and boldest. They have succeeded once again with the new Professional Success Black Edition.

The R8 Professional Success is not just another thumbhole stock design, but the achievement of ergonomic excellence!The Black Edition employs cutting edge polymers, combined with natural huntforeverblaserR8ProfSuccLeathermaterials to push the design envelope and deliver a new modern classic. The unique, weather resistant natural leather inserts deliver good looks and sure handling in the field. In the Blaser tradition, fine details such as the titanium nitride bolt head and a gold plated trigger. The trigger mechanism is a revolution in design, offering unsurpassed reliability in the most extreme conditions. The R8 Professional Success may look like a piece of functional art, but not all art should hang in a gallery. Some should rest against a tree after a successful hunt.

The R8 Professional Success family of rifles start at around $4,250.