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Ontario Spring Bear Season Expanded

The Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources and Forestry has announced the expansion of the spring bear hunt. SCI Canada has worked diligently over the past 20+ years to bring back this hunt as it was cancelled because of political pressure without and against science. Congratulations to the current government for recognizing this and doing the right thing. Dwight James, Chair of the Canada committee, expressed, “[W]we are extremely pleased with the decision by OMNRF to extend the pilot project to all WMU’s in Ontario. Wildlife management should always be done using science and facts rather than emotion and politics”

black bear in river
The extension will allow the ministry to gather further information to assess concerns voiced by Ontario’s communities about human-bear conflicts, and to support economic growth and tourism in the north and central parts of the province.

In 2014, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) introduced a two-year black bear pilot that included a limited early bear hunting season in response to increasing concerns in some northern communities about conflicts with black bears. Continue reading Ontario Spring Bear Season Expanded

Flashback Friday – First Bear Hunt

huntforeverONcoverEditor’s Note: On Friday we dig into our vast archives and dust off a story from the past. Today we join a hunter on her first quest for black bear in Saskatchewan. This story first appeared in the October/November 2004 issue of Hunt Forever magazine.

My first bear hunt came about when my husband and I met Wayne and Susan Schigol of Great Grey Outfitters at the 2003 SCI Convention. After Continue reading Flashback Friday – First Bear Hunt

Big Cinnamon in Alberta

AlbertacinnamonriverThe spring season in Alberta is truly a magical time of year. It is the season when new life is evident all around. Life slowly creeps into the country from the hearty crocus that boldly brings the first color to the drab landscape, to the newly open buds on poplar trees that cast a green hue across the hillsides. Continue reading Big Cinnamon in Alberta

An Old, Grey Bear

black-bear-073013Just south of Juneau, Alaska, aboard a 42-foot charter boat, hunter Frank Lamberti was glassing for black bear with his guide.  Along the shoreline he spotted his target and the stalk was on.  With one shot at 160 yards, the bear went down.  Grey hair and worn teeth made it obvious that this bear was an old pro.  His body measured 7′ 6″ and his skull measured 20 and 15/16.  Nice shot, Frank!