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.416 – Best Bet For The Biggest Big Game

The morning air was chill as we poled silently down the channel, hearing the dawn chatter of birds and monkeys as we glided past palm islands. We turned a corner and a buffalo bull stood on the bank, alone, mature, good bosses, nice curl. Ronnie MacFarlane ground his pole into soft mud and I did the same, getting some Continue reading .416 – Best Bet For The Biggest Big Game

In-Rut Rifle

In-Rut uses Remington Model 700 actions to create custom rifles at comparatively lunch bucket prices.

It’s almost a sure bet that every good hunter knows that when game is in rut, extraordinarily good things can happen. So when I learned of a company called In-Rut Rifles that was offering custom made rifles at Continue reading In-Rut Rifle

The Best Cartridge, Rediscovered

best-cartridge-375-ammo-092216She’s been described as the queen of the medium-bores. Medium, as in bigger than .30, smaller than .45. Smack in the middle, the .375 H&H qualifies in many ways: Continue reading The Best Cartridge, Rediscovered

Proper Barrel Length

Barrel-length-Sundra-shooting-doubleWhat’s the “proper” barrel length for a dangerous game rifle? That’s a question that often comes up around the fire in safari camps across Africa and among gun cranks everywhere. And it’s one that can easily morph into a heated debate, because it can be a very polarizing subject. Continue reading Proper Barrel Length