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Benelli’s Lupo Rifle

Whenever I hear the word Benelli, I think of shotguns, and I‘ll bet you do, too. I’m talking rugged, reliable semi-autos used by military and law enforcement agencies wordwide, as well as competitive shooters and, of course, hunters. Continue reading Benelli’s Lupo Rifle

Lupo Bolt-Action Rifle A First For Benelli

Italian gunmaker comes up with a winner!

Italy is a fascinating country where history and the present coexist in settings that afford enlightening glimpses into the future. And so it was this past Fall when the folks at Benelli invited a number of writers to visit their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Urbino for a preview of the new Lupo bolt-action centerfire rifle. Continue reading Lupo Bolt-Action Rifle A First For Benelli

Waterfowling Wonderland In Mexico

Regardless where they are conducted in the world, bird hunting safaris truly are special. They afford a kind of relaxed, yet attentive, lifestyle and camaraderie that is unique to them. Hunters who have been on bird safaris know what I mean, and others who have not tried them owe it to themselves to give international bird hunting a shot. Try it. You’ll like it. Continue reading Waterfowling Wonderland In Mexico