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Deb Ferns – Babes With Bullets Seminars

debbiefernshndgun101hnt4evr121413Once again, Deb Ferns graces the SCI Convention with her humorous and intelligent seminars on encouraging women to hunt and shoot. Her approach addresses the fears and concerns many women have who are new to the shooting and hunting sports. As she stated in a recent NRA radio  interview, “My Continue reading Deb Ferns – Babes With Bullets Seminars

Handgun 101 – Shooting Alleys for Women

debbiefernshndgun101hnt4evr121413The 2014 SCI Convention is pleased to present an excellent seminar from Debbie Fern Camp Director of Babes with Bullets. Handgun 101 for Women is a short concentration on firearms safety and the basics of grip, stance, sight picture and trigger press.  Everything starts out with the safety basics:  1.  Treat every gun as though it were loaded, 2.  Keep your muzzle in a safe direction, 3.  Know your target and what is behind it,  4.  Put your finger on the trigger only when ready to shoot.

Handgun and ammunition types and terminology will be demonstrated strictly on boards in a “show and tell” format to take the mystery out of the difference between handguns, rifles and shotguns.

There will be short lessons on dominant eye exercise, sight alignment, stance, grip and ‘trigger finger’.  Each woman has the opportunity to take four to six shots under the guidance of a Babes with Bullets instructor.