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A Couple Days of Hunting, A Lifetime of Value

Moving to a new state can be a difficult experience for any hunter. It requires you to learn new regulations, create new friendships in the hunting community and become familiar with new hunting areas.  Such was the predicament I found myself in at the end of my Continue reading A Couple Days of Hunting, A Lifetime of Value


AZGFD 2017 Outdoor Expo Sets New Attendance Mark

For the second straight year, the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Outdoor Expo – the state’s largest free outdoor expo –set an all-time attendance record. Continue reading AZGFD 2017 Outdoor Expo Sets New Attendance Mark

Arizona Game and Fish Commission Meets At SCI World Headquarters

SCI World Headquarters in Tucson recently hosted a meeting of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission in the theater of the International Wildlife Museum. Separately, the IWM is working with the Arizona Department of Game and Fish to enhance that agency’s presence via a wildlife exhibit that includes education information about wildlife management, including a partnership with SCI Foundation involving the reintroduction of bighorn sheep in the Catalina Mountains area of Tucson.

Arizona’s Deer, Elk Clear Of Chronic Wasting Disease

The Arizona Game and Fish Department announced that Arizona continues to be clear of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a neurodegenerative wildlife disease that is fatal to deer and elk.

Department officials did not find any cases of CWD in the 750-plus deer (mule and white-tailed) and elk that were harvested by hunters and voluntarily submitted for testing in 2016. Game and Fish has been testing for the presence of the disease in Arizona since 1998. While CWD has been found in the neighboring states of Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, the disease has not been detected in Arizona.

The department is grateful for the assistance of hunters who submit deer and elk heads for testing, as well as the cooperation of local taxidermists and game processors.

For more information about CWD, visit: www.azgfd.gov/w_c/research_cwd.shtml.