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Armchair Safari – Adventures with Buffalo

Chadwick-title-page-111715W. S. Chadwick was a popular and prolific author, probably because he hunted so much. He authored numerous books, each one more popular than the preceding one. One of his first books, Man-Killers and Marauders, is very rare. Here, we join this hunter on some of his adventures with the African Cape buffalo.

Wherever big game hunters gather to exchange reminiscences, the argument as to whether lion, elephant, buffalo or rhino arises Continue reading Armchair Safari – Adventures with Buffalo


Armchair Safari – The Man-Eating Crocodiles of West Africa

armchair-safari-crocodiles-book-coverTre-Hardy’s book, “The Path Of A Hunter,” has as many big elephants as any book around. But it is the many other great trophies that he hunted with zest that show what an enthusiastic all around big game hunter he was.

One day when he was up north, villagers sent word about being terrorized by enormous crocodiles. Could he come to kill them? Tre-Hardy–you don’t have to ask him twice. Soon he headed for their Continue reading Armchair Safari – The Man-Eating Crocodiles of West Africa

Armchair Safari – Tracking Wounded Buffalo

Editor’s Note: The following is and excerpt from the book Big Game Shooting and Travel in South-East Africa by F.R.N. Findlay.

Armchair-Safari-Findlay-The penetrating rays of the sun were struggling to pierce the dense mist which at eight o’clock still enshrouded the country when Belt (my partner) and myself, accompanied by half a dozen boys, left our camp on the Jungwe stream heading for the Madingue-dingue River. We hoped to find buffalo in the tract encircled by that river and another, known as Monongoia Island. Having secured services of two locals we continued along a path through dense reeds about eight feet high on the right Continue reading Armchair Safari – Tracking Wounded Buffalo