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A Sheep On Every Mountain

AZ Game & Fish Commission Chairman, Edward “Pat” Madden (center), AZ Game & Fish Commissioner Eric Sparks (right) and Special Assistant to the Director, Kent Komadina (left)

It’s before dawn and four of us are in a truck bouncing along a potholed road headed out to a remote location for a hunt. The atmosphere is friendly, good-natured ribbing and talk of past successes and failures in the field. It’s deer season in Arizona and scenes Continue reading A Sheep On Every Mountain


Scrivens Ram – Back Home in the Desert

Scrivens-Ram-profile-080416Known as the “Scrivens” ram, this desert bighorn has travelled a whole lot more since a meat hunter took it in 1942 than it ever did when it was walking and running around on its own four hooves. Continue reading Scrivens Ram – Back Home in the Desert