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Argentina Mixed Bag

If you’re a shotgunner South America’s high-volume wingshooting must be on your bucket list. If you’re a big-game hunter, you simply must hunt red stag in the roar. I’m not a serious angler but, among those who are, I’m told that the bright golden tail-walking dorado is considered among the world’s top freshwater game fish. Argentina offers all three…and a whole lot more! Continue reading Argentina Mixed Bag

She’s Not A Hunter? Not A Problem In Cordoba

“I’m not sleeping in a tent or going without a proper bathroom.”

That’s the first response many of us receive when asking our wives to come on a hunting adventure.  Hunting with your buddies is a ritual most often enjoyed without Continue reading She’s Not A Hunter? Not A Problem In Cordoba

Argentina Asado – The Pleasures of Argentinian Beef

Argentina-Asado-ornate-interiorIt has often been said of Argentina that it maintains the traditions of Europe before the war. If proof were needed, a visitor to one of the fine hotels around Cordoba, where one can enjoy the very special dove hunting of the region, would find it here. The quality of the hospitality and the food is like something out of the 19th century. Continue reading Argentina Asado – The Pleasures of Argentinian Beef

Argentina Bird Bonanza

argentinabirdbonanzashotshellsThe swish of feathers brushing up against pale green leaves sets the pace for your rapidly beating heart and twitching trigger finger as you stand center stage in the breezy fields of an afternoon dove roost. Anticipating the first dove to emerge from the adjacent brush at any second, you suddenly, without hesitation, mount your gun and “bang! bang!” a dove drops to the ground. The bird boys are calling in true Spanish Continue reading Argentina Bird Bonanza