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Parque Diana: One Of “Mr. Mac’s” Places

By the time SCI was started in 1973, founder C.J. McElroy (1913-2002) had hunted most of the places in the world…as our hunting world was known at the time. Over the next two decades, and especially after our record-keeping system got rolling, “Mr. Mac” spent a lot of his time afield exploring—and making us aware of—new hunting destinations. Continue reading Parque Diana: One Of “Mr. Mac’s” Places


The South American Project

HS Precision handgun.
The H-S Precision is one of the most accurate handguns available today. Topped with a Leupold scope, this pistol makes an ideal hunting handgun.

As the cold, brisk wind ripped the wrinkles from my frozen face, Gonzalo placed the backpack on a large boulder and asked, “Can you see them?” Heck no I couldn’t see them; I couldn’t even see the gun resting on the pack! The strong gusting winds had Continue reading The South American Project

Argentina Adventure

ARGadventuredovehuntforever061014“Shoot, shoot!” Augusto implored as the doves bore down on us in an endless stream. We were in the La Pampa region of Argentina, taking a break from big game hunting to enjoy a day of high-volume bird shooting. My wife Jackie was to my left, and another hunter, Ed Reich, a resident of New York State, was on my right. Like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, the birds kept coming as we fired an incredible amount of shells.   If you fancy yourself a good wingshot, a few hours spent trying to connect with these Argentine acrobats will adjust your opinion. They are a real challenge, despite their numbers. Continue reading Argentina Adventure