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Bear Archery Launches Five New Flagship Bows for 2014

Bear Archery is turning the traction of a successful year into momentum and with  that comes the innovation and refinement of a brand new bow line up for 2014, including five new flagship models.  The new lineup officially launched on Thursday September 26th on beararcheryproducts.com. The launch was preceded by a special sneak peak on Wednesday, September 25th when Sportsman Channel ran an hour-long special entitled Fred Bear: Father of Bowhunting.

Bear Archery Agenda 6
Bear Archery Agenda 6

“The original airing of the Fred Bear Special was such a huge success that both Sportsman Channel and ourselves pushed for an encore and we thought there would be no better time than the start of bow seasons across the country.  This is a truly unique way to introduce our brand new 2014 lineup of bows.” stated Jason Pickerill, Marketing Manager for Bear Archery.

Headlining the launch this year is the Bear Agenda 6, Bear’s follow up to the hugely popular Motive 6 of 2013.


Eze-Scorer Archery Targets From Birchwood Casey

37411-sharpshooter-archery-side1Birchwood Casey brings their target making expertise to the world of archery with their Eze-Scorer line of targets.

Eze-Scorer Archery Targets are non-reactive paper targets that can be easily mounted on any proper archery backstop, giving shooters precise aiming points during practice sessions. Two-sided 17.75” versions are available with a single bulls eye in color on one side and three color bulls eyes on the other, or a single blue bulls eye on one side and five blue bulls eyes on the back. A 23”x35” photographic whitetail deer target is also available with the vital area marked on the target.


The 17.75” Eze-Scorer Archery Targets are available in packs of five for $5.00, or in multiples of 100 for $.50 per target. The 23”x35” whitetail deer target comes in packs of two for $5.00, or in multiples of 100 for $.50 per target.

New Rage Hypodermic Broadhead

Hypodermic_Deep_Six_Open_TRage recently introduced its much-anticipated Hypodermic broadhead. the aerodynamically designed new broadhead is compact, exceptionally tough and offers penetration never before seen from a broadhead. The precision-machined solid-steel ferrule sports a brand new hybrid tip design that’s as sharp as a needle, allowing the new Rage Hypodermic to have the aerodynamics and accuracy of a leading-edge blade with the bone-crushing performance of a chisel tip.

With its surgically sharp, .035-inch stainless-steel blades and a 2-inch cutting diameter, the new Hypodermic offers bowhunters a broadhead with unprecedented flight characteristics, penetration and durability. Equipped with the proprietary Shock Collar, the new Hypodermic offers optimum blade retention and consistently reliable deployment at all times. It’s available in a standard 100-grain or Deep Six 100-grain, and both come packaged with a practice tip.

The new Hypodermic is available at archery shops and sporting-goods retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information please visit www.ragebroadheads.com, or call 888-779-0092.

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NASP Archer Shoots First Ever Perfect 300

Ryan Long shot a perfect score of 300 at the 2012 National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Invitational Archery Tournament.

In the athletic world, athletes strive for perfection, but rarely achieve it.  However; perfection was recently achieved at a National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Invitational Archery Tournament. Last weekend in Richmond Kentucky, 425 other archers, coaches, teachers, spectators and parents witnessed Ryan Long create NASP history, one arrow at a time.

In the 10 years of NASP, no archer has ever shot a perfect score of 300 in any NASP tournament, championship or competitive event. At the Madison Central NASP Invitational Tournament in Richmond, KY, Ryan Long shot 15 arrows from 10 meters and 15 arrows from 15 meters using his standard Genesis bow, no sights or other attachments, and Easton full-length 1820 aluminum arrows. Each of Ryan’s arrows landed squarely in the 3” 10 ring for final, perfect score of 300.  The previous record high score in NASP was 298, and several archers are tied with that score.

Ryan is a senior at Madison Central High School in Richmond, KY. He is no stranger to success. He finished 4th in 2011 and 3rd in 2012 at the NASP National Tournament in Louisville Kentucky. Ryan also finished 1st in 2011 and 3rd in 2012 at the NASP World Tournament in Orlando Florida.