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Hornady’s New “All-Range” Hunting Bullet

Hornady eldx bulletHornady has just announced a new “all-range” hunting bullet designed for optimum performance regardless of whether the shot is very close or very far. The new Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding (ELD-X) bullets feature highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and the company claims consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances. Continue reading Hornady’s New “All-Range” Hunting Bullet

Nosler Unveils World’s Most Powerful 7mm Commercial Cartridge

ammunition, Nosler
Nosler bills the 28 as the World’s most powerful commercial 7mm cartridge.

In 2014, Nosler introduced its first namesake cartridge to the world—the 26 Nosler. Since then, the cartridge has achieved such renowned success that adding another member to the Nosler cartridge family became an obvious decision. With a muzzle velocity of 3,300 fps when using a 160-gran bullet, the 28 Nosler is billed as the most powerful 7mm cartridge commercially available today. Continue reading Nosler Unveils World’s Most Powerful 7mm Commercial Cartridge

DoubleTap’s New Hunter & Safari Lines

DoubleTap can choose the bullet that's best for the load they are building.
DoubleTap can choose the bullet that’s best for the load they are building.

Doubletap Ammunition has been in business since 2002 and has quickly gained a lot of popularity with the discerning hunter.  Doubletap is in the unique position in that it is a top 10 ammunition company by sales in the USA, but it is not owned by a bullet company.  This means that at Doubletap they can choose freely which bullet works best for the desired result.

For example, Doubletap’s DT Safari line includes several loadings and bullet choices for dangerous game cartridges. Solids, soft-points, bonded-core and copper expanding bullets are offered in cartridges ranging from .375 H&H to .458 Lott.

In Doubletap’s DT Hunter lineup, there are 55 pistol and 149 rifle loads–all specifically engineered for hunters.  This might be the most well rounded lineup of offerings that is currently being sold today!  From the varmint hunter to the moose hunter, there is at least one load for your rifle or pistol to get the job done.  Each loading is hand inspected and all rifle loadings are still actually handloaded for superior consistency.  These loads are so consistent, that you can buy from different lots and still expect the same performance as if you were using rounds from the same box!

Two Great and Totally Different Bullets from Swift

Swift A-Frame Bullets
Boddington and PH Mark Haldane with a nice Mozambique buffalo taken cleanly with a new Rigby in .416 Rigby, shooting 400-grain Swift A-Frames.

The bull was quartering to me at the edge of the herd, close enough that there was no reason to range him, probably 60 yards. I nestled the bead into the notch, got it on the point of the on-shoulder, and Continue reading Two Great and Totally Different Bullets from Swift