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ARX Technology Now Available For Muzzleloaders

arx-speedbelt-bullets-021517Umarex ARX ammo incorporates patent-pending innovation that promises extreme hunting performance. The Umarex ARX SpeedBelt bullets are constructed from an advanced polymer-copper matrix in a Continue reading ARX Technology Now Available For Muzzleloaders


Hornady’s New “All-Range” Hunting Bullet

Hornady eldx bulletHornady has just announced a new “all-range” hunting bullet designed for optimum performance regardless of whether the shot is very close or very far. The new Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding (ELD-X) bullets feature highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and the company claims consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances. Continue reading Hornady’s New “All-Range” Hunting Bullet

Older Hunters…Heavier Bullets

Hornady's .358 Winchester
Hornady’s .358 Winchester

Dick Dietz, long-time PR man for Remington, is credited with the sage observation that, as men get older, they like “their wine dryer, their steaks rarer, and their bullets heavier.” Continue reading Older Hunters…Heavier Bullets

Hornady’s New Security Division Debuts at SCI Convention

Steve Hornady, President of Hornady Manufacturing.
Steve Hornady, President of Hornady Manufacturing.

The big news from Hornady for 2014 is the new Hornady Security Division. Their new RAPiD Safe combines intuitive ease of access with safety and security. RAPiD Safe joins the Armlock Box and the TriPoint Lock Box to provide a new level of firearm security.