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Easy Sheep Country?

I’m not exactly certain why, but I’ve been wanting one more Dall sheep for some time. Perhaps more explainable is that I wanted a ram from Alaska’s far-north Brooks Range. The Brooks lie across northern Alaska like a giant barrier, dividing Arctic from interior—but it’s good sheep country, also fairly low and somewhat gentle. Continue reading Easy Sheep Country?

Epic Hunt for Alaskan Dall Ram

epicdallramlandscapeRocks were falling toward my face, my heart was racing and I had already been climbing rocky, mountainous terrain for thirteen hours. I wasn’t thinking about the ram, wasn’t thinking about the rush of pulling the trigger; I only cared that I made it to the peak alive. My grandfather had always told me that a sheep hunt was the epitome of toughness, but I didn’t truly understand until now. Continue reading Epic Hunt for Alaskan Dall Ram