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Legends of the Fall

Alaska is definitely a land of extremes, and it seems like when the scale tips far in your favor in one aspect, it balances itself out by tipping far against you in another. Such was the case in September 2018, when the opening week of the fall brown bear season brought weather more like that encountered on the sun-filled Baja Peninsula than usually rainy southeast Alaska. Continue reading Legends of the Fall

Species of the Week – Alaskan Brown Bear

Alaskan Brown Bear M02Ursus arctos middendorffi
Oso pardo de Alaska, Oso chocolate (Sp), Kodiakbär (G), Ours brun (F). Sometimes called Kodiak bear, which is misleading, because Kodiak Island is only a small part of its range.
DESCRIPTION (male) Head and body Continue reading Species of the Week – Alaskan Brown Bear

Hot Hunt for Brown Bear!

hot-hunt-plane-on-stripAfter landing on a gravel bar between alder patches, I surveyed the tundra from Ted’s camp. It stretched monotonously in all directions, a vast barren plain broken only by the low rolling hills to the north. It looked like Wyoming antelope country, and during my visit it was nearly as dry. Alaska in May of 2014 was experiencing an unprecedented dry spell. Continue reading Hot Hunt for Brown Bear!

“Keep Looking!” – Patience is the Key to a Trophy Brown Bear

kodiakbrownbearskiffMy fascination with the giant brown bears of Alaska started when I was about 12 or 13 years old. While looking through a big game record book, It amazed me that eight out of the top ten Coastal brown bears listed, including the world record, came from Kodiak Continue reading “Keep Looking!” – Patience is the Key to a Trophy Brown Bear