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Flashback Friday – Bonus Bull

SafariCoverMarApr1980Editor’s Note: On Fridays we reach back into the vast SCI Archive and dust off a gem from a previous issue. This week we go back to 1979 and tag along on an Alaska hunt for monster caribou. This story originally appeared in the March/April 1980 issue of Safari Magazine.

The thick growth of tundra provided a comfortable bed in which to enjoy the warm Alaska sun. Blue sky and a sparkling river highlighted the surrounding mountains. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Bonus Bull

Epic Hunt for Alaskan Dall Ram

epicdallramlandscapeRocks were falling toward my face, my heart was racing and I had already been climbing rocky, mountainous terrain for thirteen hours. I wasn’t thinking about the ram, wasn’t thinking about the rush of pulling the trigger; I only cared that I made it to the peak alive. My grandfather had always told me that a sheep hunt was the epitome of toughness, but I didn’t truly understand until now. Continue reading Epic Hunt for Alaskan Dall Ram