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“Keep Looking!” – Patience is the Key to a Trophy Brown Bear

kodiakbrownbearskiffMy fascination with the giant brown bears of Alaska started when I was about 12 or 13 years old. While looking through a big game record book, It amazed me that eight out of the top ten Coastal brown bears listed, including the world record, came from Kodiak Continue reading “Keep Looking!” – Patience is the Key to a Trophy Brown Bear

The Biggest Bears!

The Alaskan Brown Bear is one of the largest land-dwelling carnivores in the world. Solitary, elusive and extremely anti-social these big beasts have no natural enemies other than humans and will eat pretty much anything, favoring salmon when available. Here are the biggest Brown bears in the SCI Record Book.

There are no images for the number 1 and 2 bears. They are: Continue reading The Biggest Bears!

Stalking Old Snaggletooth!

Alaskan Brown Bear hunt
The author poses with “Old Snaggletooth”, taken with a .375 Ruger

My 2012 brown bear hunt actually began with Otto Kulm the owner of Pacific Mountain Guides asking, “would you consider doing a brown bear hunt?” Having experienced the excitement of a grizzly hunt in Alaska in 2009, I definitely had an interest. Pacific Mountain Guides does both land and vessel based brown bear hunts out of Cordova. My choice was a vessel-based hunt starting the beginning of May. Continue reading Stalking Old Snaggletooth!