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The Fine Art Of Observing

There’s nothing new about women who hunt. We know about Diana, goddess of the hunt, and one of the major evening events at our convention is presenting the Diana Award, honoring one of our great modern huntresses. However, it shouldn’t be politically incorrect to state as historical fact that hunting has always been primarily a male-dominated sport. Continue reading The Fine Art Of Observing

Easy Sheep Country?

I’m not exactly certain why, but I’ve been wanting one more Dall sheep for some time. Perhaps more explainable is that I wanted a ram from Alaska’s far-north Brooks Range. The Brooks lie across northern Alaska like a giant barrier, dividing Arctic from interior—but it’s good sheep country, also fairly low and somewhat gentle. Continue reading Easy Sheep Country?

Flashback Friday – Triathlon Ram

huntforeverflashbackfridayso95cvrEditor’s Note: Every Friday we dig into the extensive Safari Magazine archives and dust off a gem from past issues. This week we return to 1994 and head to Alaska to hunt Dall sheep in terrain as demanding as a triathlon course. This story originally appeared in the September/October 1995 issue of Safari Magazine.

It was August 13, day three of the Alaska 1994 Dall sheep season, when we spotted four white forms about a mile away. They were grazing casually in the verdant upslope tundra at about the 4,000-foot level of the 8,000-foot-high Alaska Range peaks. In the first two hours of our second day of hunting we had seen only ewes and a solitary half-curl ram. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Triathlon Ram

Hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska

Father and son reflect on a successful hunt.
Father and son reflect on a successful hunt.

I met Lance Kronberger of Freelance Outdoor Adventures in 1994 while in Idaho on an elk hunt in the “Frank Church.”  Lance was right out of guide school, and was the packer on his first elk hunt.  Over the years, we have become enduring friends, and annually for the past five years, I have booked Alaska salmon fishing trips with him. Lance also offers float fishing camping, salmon fishing, and hunting for grizzly and brown bear, Dall sheep, and moose.

Continue reading Hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska