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Alabama Special Opportunity Area Hunts

Special Opportunity Areas (SOAs) are properties where the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries is offering a new public hunting format. SOAs are typically smaller than Wildlife Management Areas in acreage and are more suitable a limited quota (random draw permit) hunting format to reduce pressure and increase the quality of the hunt. This year, four SOAs offer a limited number of slots for a successful permit holder and guest(s) to hunt a dedicated 300-400 acre unit for a 2-4 day hunt.

The youth squirrel hunts at Fred T. Stimpson SOA and adult waterfowl hunt at Crow Creek SOA registration will begin September 4th and close October 4th (Crow Creek SOA youth waterfowl hunt registration will be in January 2019).

The small game hunts and turkey hunts offered at Cedar Creek, Portland Landing and Uchee Creek SOAs registration will begin December 3rd and close January 3rd, 2019.

Limited quota permits to hunt the SOAs are obtained through an online registration and selection process. Applicants apply online for a preferred SOA property hunt date. The drawing is similar to the alligator hunt selection process with the applicant accumulating preference points each year they don’t get selected.

The cost to hunt an SOA is the purchase of both a state hunting license and a WMA license. You will also need a Conservation ID Number, which is free.

If you have additional questions regarding the SOA program, see the SOA Frequently Asked Questions. If you still need information, please email DCNR.Wildlife@dcnr.alabama.gov

The SOAs include:

Crow Creek (400 acres), located in Jackson County offers adult archery deer hunting for a permit holder and one guest and waterfowl hunting on select dates throughout the season for a permit holder and three guests.

Cedar Creek (6,400 acres) and Portland Landing (4,744 acres) in Dallas County and Uchee Creek (4,735 acres) in Russell County offers deer and turkey hunting on selected dates throughout those seasons for the permit holder and one guest.

Fred T. Stimpson (7,200 acres) and Upper State Sanctuary (1,920 acres) in Clarke County offers adult archery deer hunts for a permit holder and one guest, youth gun deer hunts for a youth hunter and youth guest with their supervising adult(s), and the squirrel hunts for permit holder, youth and up to five guests (at least one additional guest must be a youth). Fred T. Stimpson also provides opportunity for a youth waterfowl hunt.

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