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Conservation Partnership

Cabela’s is a great partner with SCI and continues strengthening its partnerships with local wildlife groups. On July 22, 2017, at the Huntsville, Alabama Cabela’s store, there was a meeting of conservation organizations in the state and Southeast, including the Alabama Chapter of SCI present.  All of the organizations introduced themselves and explained how the organization works along with the cause or reason for the organization. Continue reading Conservation Partnership


Fun Evening For Alabama Chapter

The Alabama Chapter holds bimonthly chapter meetings the third Tuesday of every other month. These meetings start with a Board of Directors meeting followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and one or two programs put on by members. Continue reading Fun Evening For Alabama Chapter

Membership Involvement

When it comes to membership involvement, the Alabama Chapter of SCI has always done things a little differently. We try to participate in the local hunting expos, we help score deer racks for the state deer breeders association, we collect and donate venison to the local foodbanks, we have bi-monthly meetings and now we are conducting hunts to help get members involved in more fun socialization and less on the work side of things.

If you can get your members involved, it will help your organization grow, and with growth comes strength. We hosted a dove hunt in the last quarter of 2016 and it went well with a lot of participation. Based on its success, the current chapter president, Chris Williams, decided to host a continental pheasant hunt. The hunt was booked with a slotting of 20 guns. I think we ended up having 21 or 22 guns, and some folks stood together so everyone could participate and to boost the camaraderie. We are currently making a chapter wild hog hunt that with big bore rifles and maybe even some of the Bill Jones collection in attendance for extracurricular shooting.

When organizing such events, you have to be able to accommodate as many folks as possible with the cost being very competitive for all walks of life. The animal you chose to hunt also needs to be something that will yield great success for all, or at least most, who participate in order to continue getting the participation and support. Bird hunts and even wild hog hunts are things that yield great success and are easily organized. Alabama plans on continuing organized functions in the future that include hunts, and hopes to grow our chapter more in the coming years. Thank you to all who participate in any SCI functions to make this great organization what it is. Happy hunting.–Jonathan Lehr

Alabama Chapter July 4 Event a Success

At the time of our Lobby Day on the Hill on May 5, our Senators and Congressmen were in recess. This precluded our being able to visit with them in person. Their aides are always very well versed on what is happening and are very competent in relaying our messages. It is always helpful to be able to see our Representatives in person, though.

I was fortunate to have this opportunity on a very special day for our country, the Fourth of July, Independence Day. Each year I have been privileged to be a guest at the Fourth of July event at Archie Phillip’s Lake. Archie is the host of the TV Show “Outdoors with Archie Phillips.”

Alabama Chapter Event
Shown here during Fourth of July celebration are, left to right, Allen Farley, John Merrill, Randall Bush and Gary Palmer.

The show is dedicated to the outdoor sports of hunting, fishing and shooting. Archie is one of the most patriotic people that I have come to know. This event portrays what the holiday is all about with some great food thrown in as well. At each of these events there are usually several politicians who are allowed to say a few words.

Gary Palmer is one of our newest Representatives in Washington, D.C. I have visited his office in the Cannon Building for the last two years, seeing his aides on both occasions. At this Fourth of July event I was able to speak with Congressman Palmer in a social setting and hear his views of where our government stands at this time and what the future may hold in store for us, both good and possibly bad.

At this event we were fortunate to also have John Merrill, Alabama Secretary of State, and Allen Farley, our District 15 Representative in the Alabama House of Legislature. It was enlightening to know that in Alabama we have people representing us that share the same values as SCI.