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TEN THOUSAND POUNDS – Sportsmen Against Hunger Milestone

The Alabama Chapter’s Sportsmen Against Hunger Committee was inactive for several years.  Prior to the 2015-2016 hunting seasons, the committee was reactivated with a major focus on funneling donated game meat into various food banks and shelters. Continue reading TEN THOUSAND POUNDS – Sportsmen Against Hunger Milestone

Alabama Conservation Donation

The Alabama Chapter of SCI had the pleasure of hosting the Alabama Department of Conservation at its September bi-monthly

Presentation of the $4,000 check to help fund the Adult Mentoring Program. Pictured L to R: Perry Cole, Chapter treasurer; Keith Gauldin, Alabama Dept. of Conservation; Randall Bush, Regional Rep; Jonathan Lehr, Chapter vice pres.

meeting. Wildlife Biologist Keith Gualdin attended as the representative and spoke on various efforts going on throughout the state including coyote tracking studies, black bear sightings, CWD testing, and the major topic of the evening, the Adult Mentoring Program.

Conservation Partnership

Cabela’s is a great partner with SCI and continues strengthening its partnerships with local wildlife groups. On July 22, 2017, at the Huntsville, Alabama Cabela’s store, there was a meeting of conservation organizations in the state and Southeast, including the Alabama Chapter of SCI present.  All of the organizations introduced themselves and explained how the organization works along with the cause or reason for the organization. Continue reading Conservation Partnership

Fun Evening For Alabama Chapter

The Alabama Chapter holds bimonthly chapter meetings the third Tuesday of every other month. These meetings start with a Board of Directors meeting followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and one or two programs put on by members. Continue reading Fun Evening For Alabama Chapter