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A Rhino Interrupts a Lion Hunt – An Armchair Safari with John McCutcheon

As chief cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune, John McCutcheon provides not only insight but a sense of humor to the description of his African hunt – by the way, sometimes hunting with Carl Akeley and meeting Theodore Roosevelt. His only big game hunting book, In Africa Adventures in Big Game Hunting Country, is one to be cherished. It is dedicated to “those adventurous souls who resent the restraint of the beaten path” and prefer to go “where the roar of the lion and crack of the rifle are part of everyday life and where in a few months you can store up enough memories to last a lifetime.” This he did on his very first lion hunt. Continue reading A Rhino Interrupts a Lion Hunt – An Armchair Safari with John McCutcheon


Flashback Friday – Lions in the Darkness

safarimagMA1998Editor’s Note: On Friday we reach back into the Safari archives and dust off a gem from the past. Today we share the visceral excitement of a large pride of lions stalking the hunter and his PH in a reed blind in Zimbabwe. This article first appeared in the March/April 1998 issue of Safari Magazine.

It is in darkness, within a hunting blind, in a remote part of Zimbabwe, and an intense Continue reading Flashback Friday – Lions in the Darkness

Hunting Mozambique

huntingmozambiqueWaterbuckMy original lion hunt, scheduled for June 2013 in Mozambique, was cancelled a week before my departure because of unrest and security issues in the Tete area where we were supposed to Continue reading Hunting Mozambique

SCI Record Book – Top Ten African Lions

The African lion is one of the most challenging and dangerous hunts. The lion is rightfully placed in the African Big Five for good reason, and virtually anyone who imagines an African Safari envisions the big maned lion charging the implacable hunter shouldering his European double rifle. We searched through the extensive SCI Record Book archives and bring you the Top Ten African lions. The SCI Record Book is one of the most extensive databases of wildlife in the world. Have you created your hunting legacy?