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Flashback Friday – Warts and All

safarimagMA1998Editor’s Note: On Fridays, we reach way back in the Safari Magazine archives and dust off a story from the past. This week we tag along on a hunt in South Africa and a hunter’s admiration for the warthog, an animal the author describes as “ugly as sin and tough as nails”.  This article originally appeared in March/April 1998 issue of Safari Magazine.

We were back in the bushveld blind. It was mid-afternoon, a welcome, sleepy, in-between time of the day. It was Bushman country. Nearby were the 2,000-year-old rock paintings of those early hunters and I thought of that Bushman saying, “There is someone dreaming us.” These were days of sweet dreams, followed by nights bright with the Southern Cross and the Milky Way, a thick river of stars, flowing overhead. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Warts and All

The Company of Adventurers – An Armchair Safari with John Boyes

The self-proclaimed King of the Wa Kikuyu operated in one of the wildest and least explored parts of Africa. Today, Africa is no longer dark – mainly because men like Boyes undertook adventures that were almost incredible, especially to those of us reading his stories. Boyes is a man who Rider Haggard considered more thrilling to read about in real life than many fictional heroes.  Boyes was a man who “longed for an active life and the spice of adventure that waits the traveller (sic) in savage lands.” His book is one of the most enjoyable of all African big game hunting classics. It details the life of an elephant hunter. Continue reading The Company of Adventurers – An Armchair Safari with John Boyes

The Family That Hunts Together….

A huge old baobab tree provides a perch for the whole family.

As parents and grandparents, one of our collective responsibilities is to leave a legacy of passion for the outdoors, hunting Continue reading The Family That Hunts Together….

PH Spotlight – Jaco Oosthuizen

Oosthuizen was destined to carry on the family tradition a of big game hunters dating back to his great grandfather. He grew up on a cattle ranch in northern Namibia where his father mentored him as he learned and mastered his hunting skills.  Oosthuizen began studying law, but his love for wildlife and adventure motivated him to become a professional hunter.  He became a PH in 1994 and got this first outfitter’s license in 1997. Game Trackers Africa, based in Continue reading PH Spotlight – Jaco Oosthuizen