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The Family That Hunts Together….

A huge old baobab tree provides a perch for the whole family.

As parents and grandparents, one of our collective responsibilities is to leave a legacy of passion for the outdoors, hunting Continue reading The Family That Hunts Together….


PH Spotlight – Jaco Oosthuizen

Oosthuizen was destined to carry on the family tradition a of big game hunters dating back to his great grandfather. He grew up on a cattle ranch in northern Namibia where his father mentored him as he learned and mastered his hunting skills.  Oosthuizen began studying law, but his love for wildlife and adventure motivated him to become a professional hunter.  He became a PH in 1994 and got this first outfitter’s license in 1997. Game Trackers Africa, based in Continue reading PH Spotlight – Jaco Oosthuizen

PH Spotlight – Erik Visser

As a young boy, Visser began hunting birds with his dad’s single shot .22. After obtaining his PH license, Visser realized it was his choice as a profession. “I guess hunting and the need for challenges are something a good PH is born with. I truly believe all successful professional hunters have that instinct. You can learn to be a PH, but without that inner calling, you will not achieve outstanding success,” says Visser. Role models motivated him to follow their leads and deliver exceptional service. Continue reading PH Spotlight – Erik Visser

From the Niger to the Nile – An Armchair Safari with Boyd Alexander

Every explorer looks upon the map of that part of the world which particularly calls him, and endeavors to find a spot that still affords opportunity for the special powers he may possess….” It was Lake Chad that originally interested Alexander, but his fellow officer, Captain Gosling, an avid hunter, joined his expedition and the men expanded their horizon and traveled from the Niger to the Nile, of course hunting along the way. Their first chance to hunt big game was lion. Continue reading From the Niger to the Nile – An Armchair Safari with Boyd Alexander