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Big Things In The Water

Hippo Hunt, Fisherman Polling boat
A fisherman volunteered to handle this recovery, earning a nice tip and all the meat he could carry away in the process. He polled the hippo nearly 200 yards to a sloped bank, where a waiting throng quickly handled the butchering.

If looks could kill, the mean-mugging woman on the fishing boat would have done for us all right there and then kicked our corpses straight to Hell without a flutter of remorse. As circumstance kindly permitted, we passed close enough to give her a good and proper judging right Continue reading Big Things In The Water

Crossbow Hippo

Crossbow-Hippo-lurkingLate October, 2014: The post on the SCI Record Book Official Facebook Page read, “Outstanding entries in the department today! First ever SCI documented hippopotamus taken with a crossbow….” This Continue reading Crossbow Hippo