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Flashback Friday – One Rifle Safari

SO93CoverEditor’s Note: On Friday we scour the Safari Club archives and dust off a story from a previous issue. This week we join Richard C. Latham as he challenges himself to collect a wide range of African game with a single rifle. This story originally appeared in the September/October 1993 issue of Safari Magazine. Enjoy!

Back in 1982 I planned a safari to Botswana and decided to take only one rifle to use on animals ranging in size from the little steenbok to gemsbok, eland Continue reading Flashback Friday – One Rifle Safari

Vaal rhebok – Hunting the Grey Ghost

The author's Vaal rhebox had horns just over 10 inches on each side.
The author’s Vaal rhebok had horns just over 10 inches on each side.

It is always difficult to single out one species to say it is your favorite to hunt. Whether it is whitetail deer, elk or Hirsch, or some species of sheep or ibex living up where it is hard to breathe, fact is they all offer unique challenges and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Big Five are fabulous, but for me, the diminutive, delicate and difficult Vaal rhebok (sometimes called the grey rhebok) are just plain enjoyable to hunt. Almost always free range hunting in the high plains sheep country of the Western Cape of South Africa to the hilly and sometimes mountainous regions of the Eastern Cape, these grey-colored antelope with the long, thin, large ears; big binocular lens-sized eyes; and soft, angel hair-like hair are anything but easy quarry for the hunter—I’m fortunate to have enjoyed about a 50% success rate hunting them myself. They hear your every move and they seem to see everything! Continue reading Vaal rhebok – Hunting the Grey Ghost

SCI Flashback Friday – Hunting Waterbuck in Zimbabwe

flashbackfridayMayJune1985Cvrhuntforever041814Editors Note – Each Friday we select a story from the archives of Safari Magazine. This story of a waterbuck hunt in Zimbabwe originally appeared in the May/June 1985 issue.

The first time I saw a waterbuck it was a picture of one, poorly reproduced in one of those cheap pocket-sized handbooks. You know the kind, “The Complete Guide to Every Critter Living on the Planet Earth.” $1.95. Continue reading SCI Flashback Friday – Hunting Waterbuck in Zimbabwe

Hard-To-Find Brass Is Back

In addition to African game cases, Captech International has other unique, obsolete and hard-to-find cases.

If you have a rifle in an obscure African game caliber and can’t find ammunition, there may be hope in finding new brass that can be handloaded. Brass cartridge case manufacturer Jamison International has been reconstituted as a Division of Captech International. This high quality manufacturer of unique, obsolete and hard to find brass cartridge cases, as well as military, hunting and African game calibers, has moved its operations to new facilities totaling 31,000 square feet in Rapid City, South Dakota. Marc Jamison oversees operational control assuring the stringent quality standards of the past will remain intact moving forward. The new facility also offers ample room for an ongoing program of expansion and machine refurbishment to reduce the cycles between production runs of many hard-to-find cartridge cases.

The company is now accepting orders on all of the previously produced calibers as well as their basic brass line for forming. This is an exciting time for handloaders who have been without access to many of the cartridge cases that have been difficult or impossible to find. “Many unique cases are currently available in stock and more are in production each week,” said a company spokesperson.

New brass cartridge cases include:

.375 Flanged Magnum
.375 Flanged Magnum 2.5″
.375 Holland & Holland
.400 Holland & Holland
.416 Remington
.416 Rigby
.416 Taylor
.450 Nitro Express #2
.450 Nitro Express 3.25″
.450 Rigby
.450-400 Nitro Express 3:
.450-400 Nitro Express 3.25″
.458 Lott
.458 Winchester Magnum
.470 Nitro Express
.495 A-Square
.500 A-Square
.500 Jeffery
.500 Nitro Express
.500-416 Nitro Express
.505 Gibbs
.550 Magnum
.577 Nitro Express
.600 Overkill