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An SCI African Success Story

Rhino Safari Lodge
Rhino Safari Lodge

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge‘s success began some 15 years ago when Nic Vaughan-Jones, a professional hunter, took up the challenge of initiating a project to fence off the Continue reading An SCI African Success Story


SCI’s Top Livingstone Eland

Livingstone eland range.
Livingstone eland range.

Taurotragus oryx livingstonei

Named after the missionary and explorer Dr. David Livingstone (1813-1884).

DESCRIPTION: Slightly darker than the Cape eland, typically with six to ten thin white stripes on its sides and a dark brown band on the rear surfaces of the forelegs above the knees. The backs of the pasterns are whitish. The forehead hair mat is Continue reading SCI’s Top Livingstone Eland

SCI’s Top Southern Greater Kudu

Southern greater kudu range
Southern greater kudu range.

Tragelaphus strepsiceros strepsiceros

DESCRIPTION: This subspecies is the largest and darkest (grayest) in color and has the longest horns. There are 9 to 12 vertical stripes on each side.

DISTRIBUTION: Southern Angola, Zambia, southeastern Continue reading SCI’s Top Southern Greater Kudu

SCI Flashback Friday – Hunting Waterbuck in Zimbabwe

flashbackfridayMayJune1985Cvrhuntforever041814Editors Note – Each Friday we select a story from the archives of Safari Magazine. This story of a waterbuck hunt in Zimbabwe originally appeared in the May/June 1985 issue.

The first time I saw a waterbuck it was a picture of one, poorly reproduced in one of those cheap pocket-sized handbooks. You know the kind, “The Complete Guide to Every Critter Living on the Planet Earth.” $1.95. Continue reading SCI Flashback Friday – Hunting Waterbuck in Zimbabwe