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SCI Flashback Friday – Hunting Waterbuck in Zimbabwe

flashbackfridayMayJune1985Cvrhuntforever041814Editors Note – Each Friday we select a story from the archives of Safari Magazine. This story of a waterbuck hunt in Zimbabwe originally appeared in the May/June 1985 issue.

The first time I saw a waterbuck it was a picture of one, poorly reproduced in one of those cheap pocket-sized handbooks. You know the kind, “The Complete Guide to Every Critter Living on the Planet Earth.” $1.95. Continue reading SCI Flashback Friday – Hunting Waterbuck in Zimbabwe


Africa Then and Now


We love to read the great old stuff about Africa – but Africa has changed (and not all for the bad!).

Craig Boddington points out the changes and challenges of hunting on the African continent in an exciting and informative seminar at the 2014 Safari Club International Convention.

Craig’s first safari was in Kenya 36 years ago. Since then, he has hunted Africa 100 times in 16 countries. He will take you back to the great old days of safari…and bring us up to date with today’s Africa.

There have been some losses: Kenya, Southern Sudan, Chad, the days of the big tuskers, availability of lions and rhinos…

But there are also many gains: more countries are open to hunting, more game animals, and the “plains game safari” – all more available and affordable than ever before.

Included will be discussion of how CITES and U.S. Fish and Wildlife rules have impacted trophy importation.