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Hunting On Hallowed Ground

The Managing Director of gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is offered the chance of a lifetime: to shoot a Nile buffalo in Uganda with the first London Best rifle made by the company since returning to London in 2013.

Uganda, to hunters, is a special place. Dubbed “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, this is the real Africa, untamed, beautiful and harsh. I’d been invited to join one of Rigby’s Continue reading Hunting On Hallowed Ground


Tough Hunt For South African Buff

We hunted hard for five days before we got a shot. That isn’t unusual with buffalo. It can take longer and occasionally you don’t win, except that we were into buffalo every day, sometimes all day. Finding and Continue reading Tough Hunt For South African Buff

PH Spotlight – Phillip du Plessis

du Plessis grew up on a ranch where he hunted, fished, and was an avid reader inspired by Capstick, Ruark, J.A. Hunter and other iconic authors. His career choice was obvious – he aspired to be a PH. He achieved his objective and 16 years ago founded Intrepid Safaris, a private preserve about five miles from the Limpopo River. du Plessis points out that the magical word “safari,” a Swahili word meaning “long journey,” opens the doors of discovery to the great and diverse beauty of Africa. Continue reading PH Spotlight – Phillip du Plessis

Using A Trigger Stick In Africa

Shooting sticks help you shoot more accurately in the field. The Trigger Stick with 2 Point Gun Rest adds more stability and is also great for setting up in ground blinds.