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A Buffalo Trails Triumvirate

The Rukometchi River is a tributary of the great Zambezi and is also the western border of Mana Pools National Park. In July 2018, the Rukometchi was a dry sand river dividing the Park from the Nyakasanga hunting concession. It was nostalgic to be back at Mana Pools, where 16 years earlier I had been part of a team that had darted and radio-collared a lioness for science. That work was funded by the Safari Club International Foundation and SCI Alaska and was performed under direction of Senior Park Ecologist Norman Monks. Now, a decade and a half later I was back on the wide flood plains and muddy pans of the Zambezi River valley with sights, sounds and smells that brought back memories of that lioness.   Continue reading A Buffalo Trails Triumvirate


The Allure Of African Specialized Game – Part 1

Recovery and therapy to repair the muscle tear would have to wait. Because at this moment about 400 yards ahead along the saddle and to the left back into the canyon was something rarely seen in the safari world. I knew it was extraordinary because the trackers were climbing to such great heights for me to get a shot. Continue reading The Allure Of African Specialized Game – Part 1

Armchair Safari – Giants of the Forest – African Hunting Adventures

Two days with gray giants. It has always been an open question among hunters whether the lion, elephant, rhinoceros or buffalo should be entitled “the King of Beasts.” Each bases his claim on man-killing ability. To me this has always seemed illogical. The mamba and cobra are equally as efficient man-killers but none has ever claimed kingship for either. It would seem that human egotism induces man to seek consolation for defeat by exalting the animals he hunts.  By exalting those which most frequently defeat him. Continue reading Armchair Safari – Giants of the Forest – African Hunting Adventures

Lessons Learned In Tanzania

It took me 47 years to hunt Tanzania, and even then, two and half of those were spent planning our month-long odyssey. Though my wife, Jessica, and I ended up with some of the most incredible hunting experiences of our lives, there were also some hard lessons learned. Continue reading Lessons Learned In Tanzania