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Half a dozen years ago, at the annual convention of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, some enthusiasts assembled a collection of custom rifles built during the 1920s and ’30s.

wielandsedgleyThe man largely responsible was Michael Petrov, an Alaska oil worker whose hobby was documenting the work of early stock- and barrel makers who laid the foundation for the custom-rifle business as it exists today. Petrov wrote a series of articles for a now-defunct magazine, and these were later published in two anthologies. Continue reading A WAITING TREASURE

Improving your Long Range Shooting

HOLLAND,Darrell111412Join Darrell Holland at the 2015 SCI Convention for this important and informative seminar! Learn what it takes to improve your long-range shooting skills and the realities of what is involved in making that long-range shot. Learn wind doping, range-finding tricks, field positions, best bullets and most importantly, the ethical limitations when it comes to long-range shooting. There will be free ballistic software and handouts for all attendees. If you don’t make this seminar, it might not be the only thing you miss! Register now before this popular seminar fills up.


Should Hunters Train?


Tim Fallon and Doug Pritchard will conduct this informative seminar at the 2014 SCI Annual Convention in Las Vegas to point out the importance of training for that once in a lifetime shot.

Hunting is exciting and rewarding – when it goes well!  But, when we attempt shots beyond our capabilities or go on a hunt we are not prepared for, it can become frustrating, expensive and DANGEROUS!  As hunters we are also conservationists, we owe it to our quarry to make one “shot-instant” kills.

See exciting video footage of great and not-so-great shots, as well many thought-provoking slides and video of good reasons why training for hunters is a good idea, and a great way to help you stay safe and get more from your hunts!



Field Marksmanship with Wayne van Zwoll




Wayne van Zwoll knows a missed chance could be your only chance! No matter good your rifle, good marksmanship matters more! Beyond basics, this seminar shows techniques of Olympic champs and storied exhibition shooters. Make any rifle quicker up close, more accurate at distance. Eliminate “flyers”. Use wind to help your bullet hit! Which load is best? Which sight?

Dr. van Zwoll’s answers may surprise you! He draws on nearly five decades in the world’s great game fields with dozens of rifles and loads – and discusses contrary views.

More than 100 photos help bring you this ticket to dead-center marksmanship. A must-see!