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Hunting On Hallowed Ground

The Managing Director of gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is offered the chance of a lifetime: to shoot a Nile buffalo in Uganda with the first London Best rifle made by the company since returning to London in 2013.

Uganda, to hunters, is a special place. Dubbed “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, this is the real Africa, untamed, beautiful and harsh. I’d been invited to join one of Rigby’s Continue reading Hunting On Hallowed Ground


Rigby and Mauser—back together after 100 years!

Rigby London Showroom
Boddington and Rigby Managing Director Marc Newton in the new showroom in London. Newton is holding one of his new, 2014-vintage bolt actions.

John Rigby and Peter Paul Mauser were both firearms geniuses whose names—like John Moses Browning and Samuel Colt—have lived on long after their passing. “John” Rigby is actually a family name that was passed along from Continue reading Rigby and Mauser—back together after 100 years!

Blaser Launches Distributorship in South Africa

safariclubriflescustomhuntforever042514German firearms manufacturer Blaser in conjunction with Huntessential Fishfantastic announced it will take control of their product line in-house. All distribution in Southern Africa (except Namibia) will be handled by the newly formed Blaser South Africa. Continue reading Blaser Launches Distributorship in South Africa

The Ivory Hunter Rifle- Elegance Crafted by Johann Fanzoj

This beautiful fusion of metal, ivory and walnut is a tribute to the gunmakers art.