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The .375 Ruger: Best of Runners-Up?

You can’t replicate the age and field record of the .375 H&H. But improve upon it?

When my first softpoint struck, the hunt was over. But in true buffalo fashion, the kill was just starting. Useless shoulder hardly slowing his pace, the bull galloped closer. A solid drove through to the bone on the off-side, mincing more lung. The animal stumbled, then skidded, dead in billowing dust. Continue reading The .375 Ruger: Best of Runners-Up?

Your Next Plains Game Bullet?

gmx-375-0129132The .375 is a pretty good all-around caliber for the hunter who wants to take only one gun to Africa. With that in mind, Hornady showed a new bullet at the 2013 SCI Convention in Reno, NV, intended to enhance the usefulness of the .375 on the plains game end of the hunting spectrum.  The new 250-grain bullet is in Hornady’s GMX line, and combines a polymer tip for reliable expansion with a boattail design for greater long-range capabilities. Constructed of solid gilding metal, the GMX bullets are known for high weight retention and deep penetration.