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SCI Art Auctions

Every year, hundreds of artists from around the world display their masterpieces in the exhibit hall during the Annual SCI Convention. In fact, for four days the SCI Convention is one of the largest galleries in the world! Wildlife art, sculpture, painting, jewelry you name and you’ll find it at the SCI Convention. These same craftsmen and women donate pieces to the many auctions to help support SCI and its worldwide mission. Here are just a few of the items you can bid on in 2019 when the SCI Convention returns to Reno NV, January 9-12.

Giving Thanks to Hunters

SCI’s Thursday Night Awards ceremony has been a night of recognition given to those with exceptional hunting accomplishments. This years’ Thursday night tradition will see the uniting of two significant aspects of SCI, our Chapters and our hunting achievements. Continue reading Giving Thanks to Hunters

The Hidden War – Fighting For America’s Wildlife

Lt. John Nores Jr. returns to Convention to present an important new seminar.

As team leader for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Special Operations Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) Nores has literally been on the front lines in the fight to stop international drug trafficking organizations from destroying the wildlife, wetlands and waterways throughout the U.S.

Nores will cover cartel environmental crime trends and highlight team development and the use of incredible K9 officers to help stop the decimation of our national wildlife resources by these clandestine groups.

He will also address the impact and effects the legalization of recreational cannabis has had on our wildlife populations and habitat as well as what SCI members and other conservation organizations can do to help in this fight.

Specializing in public and private land Drug Trafficking Organization narcotics tactics and related environmental crime enforcement and training for the last 15 years, Nores has presented for the California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA), the Nevada Narcotics Officers Association (NNOA), and numerous other conventions and conferences all over the country.