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Fausti “Classico” Side-By-Side Shotgun To Be Auctioned Friday Evening

Fausti Stefano SRL has donated a Fausti “Classico” Side-by-Side Shotgun in 20 gauge to be auctioned off here at the SCI Convention Friday evening.

The hammer gun has always fascinated and attracted the more traditional hunters and collectors of fine guns. Fausti remains today one of the few manufacturers to produce these gorgeous guns for their passionate followers.

The ultimate model is called “Classico.” It features newly designed external hammers finished entirely by hand as well as the engraving, a mix of traditional and modern pattern harmoniously engraved in “bulino” style and signed by the author, the Master Stefano Muffolini.

The “Classico” that Fausti has donated is a 20 gauge version, featuring 28-inch barrels, improved cylinder/modified fixed chokes, selected wood with rubber pad, oil finished, hand-checkering, bone and charcoal exclusive finishing and leather case.

Beauty and harmony — these are the proper words to describe this remarkable example of Italian craftmanship by Fausti. For more information, visit the Fausti booth here at the Convention, or visit http://www.faustiarms.com online.

Estimated value: $16,000.

2019 SCI Convention Is Underway!

SCI President Paul Babaz and baseball great David Wells cut the ribbon to kick off the 2019 SCI Convention. The next four days will be a one stop shop for all things hunting and outdoors as well as one of the largest galleries of wildlife art and taxidermy in the world!

From Chaos…Order

Set up is underway for the 2019 SCI Convention and Ultimate Hunter’s Market. What looks chaotic now will soon be one of the biggest outdoor events in the world! Here’s a preview of all of the excitement happening on the show floor today.

Terry Lee – SCI Artist Of The Year

SCI Artist Of The Year Terry Lee

Nationally recognized as both an accomplished painter and sculptor, Terry Lee credits his love of the outdoors to his father. An avid hunter and fisherman, Lee’s father would often take Terry and his brother on adventures in the back country of northern Idaho. It was on these outings that Lee learned the value of hunting, not only as a way Continue reading Terry Lee – SCI Artist Of The Year