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Waiting For The Show To Begin

The Mandalay Bay Convention Center is abuzz with activity as exhibitors put the finishing touches on their booths in preparation for the kickoff tomorrow. If you’re not here…you should be!

Bidding On Beauty!

The 45th Annual SCI Convention is offering a huge selection of hunts, guns and art in their live and online auctions. Here is just a taste of the great items that will be up for bid! If you are not attending the convention, be sure and check out the online auctions!

Hornady Reloading Seminars

Hornadyreloadingpresshnt4evr010814Once again Hornady brings their popular and informative reloading seminars to the 2017 #SCIConvention.

For beginners, the Introduction to Reloading Seminar conducted by Hornady breaks down the fundamentals of single stage cartridge reloading in a brief two hour block of instruction. This includes the basic use of a Hornady Classic reloading kit, descriptions of how to utilize the tools included as well as tips to look for when getting started in hand loading.

For the more seasoned reloaders, the Advanced Reloading Techniques Seminar will show the hand loader how to make the best use of the precision reloading instruments available from Hornady such as the headspace gauge, concentricity tool, and others to take your hand loading to the next level in accuracy.

Both of these seminars fill up fast, sign up today!

SCI Launches Special New Event – Game and Fish Commissioners’ Forum

AZ-NM-Commission-Seidman-071216SCI members who serve on state game and fish councils, boards and commissions are formally invited to participate in a new event at the SCI Convention in 2017. Continue reading SCI Launches Special New Event – Game and Fish Commissioners’ Forum