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Writing an Article for Safari Magazine

SafariJF1988CvrStories from our members are the backbone of SCI’s SAFARI Magazine. We want you to share the thrill of the hunt with your fellow SCI Members. Veteran outdoor writer and publisher Scott Mayer, along with book author, columnist and marketing expert Dwight Van Brunt share their experience on what makes a compelling and exciting story. They will share tips on telling the whole story through photography, focusing on your subject matter and developing a story line. Seminar participants will also receive writer’s guidelines along with instructions on submitting articles to SAFARI Magazine.  Register Today!


The Art of SCI

Here is a preview of just a few of the pieces of world-class art that will be up for auction at the 2016 SCI Convention! Register today and take advantage of early-bird discounts!



2016 SCI Convention

Register Today and join us for all the fun and excitement!

SCI 2016 Convention Invitation

Safari Club International President Larry Higgins invites you to attend the 2016 SCI Convention and Ultimate Hunters’ Market®.

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