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Writing An Article for Safari Magazine

writingforsafarimagcoverMember stories are the backbone of your club’s SAFARI Magazine, and we want you to share the thrill of your hunts with other SCI members. Veteran outdoor writer and publisher Scott Mayer along with book author, columnist and marketing expert Dwight Van Brunt share their experience on what makes a compelling and exciting story.  The pair will share tips on telling the whole story through photography, focusing your subject matter and developing a story line. Seminar participants will also receive writer’s guidelines with instructions on submitting articles to SAFARI Magazine. Continue reading Writing An Article for Safari Magazine

Responding to Anti-Hunters

whyhuntMikehnt4evr121713This February, Michael Sabbeth brings a new seminar to the 2015 SCI Convention.

Attacks on hunters and hunting have been increasing and the intensity has escalated. Hunters are not only the targets of trolls and cyber bullies in the social media arena, but have published personal information on hunters while encouraging physical attacks on hunters and their families. How can you combat the bilious and vitriolic attacks from animal rights activists and Continue reading Responding to Anti-Hunters

Hornady Reloading Seminars

Hornadyreloadingpresshnt4evr010814Once again Hornady will be presenting their popular reloading seminars at the 2015 SCI Convention in Las Vegas. This year they will be bringing back their popular Introduction to Reloading and Advanced Reloading Techniques seminars to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Feb. 4-7. Continue reading Hornady Reloading Seminars

Deb Ferns – Babes With Bullets Seminars

debbiefernshndgun101hnt4evr121413Once again, Deb Ferns graces the SCI Convention with her humorous and intelligent seminars on encouraging women to hunt and shoot. Her approach addresses the fears and concerns many women have who are new to the shooting and hunting sports. As she stated in a recent NRA radio  interview, “My Continue reading Deb Ferns – Babes With Bullets Seminars