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How to Sharpen Your Knife – Choosing the Proper Knife for the Outdoorsman

CLAYCOMBTomSharpenKnifeseminarhnt4evr110513Carve out some time at the 2014 SCI Convention to join Tom Claycomb III as he shares the ins and outs of sharpening and maintaining your knives. 100% of outdoorsmen use a knife, and yet perhaps less than 5% can sharpen one. It does take some skill but luckily it doesn’t require a PhD.  After attending this seminar, you will know the steps that you must take to obtain a sharp knife. We will discuss how to sharpen your hunting knife, serrated edges and how to properly steel your boning/fillet knife.

We will also discuss how to choose the style and design that is best for your needs, yet ensuring functionality.  After attending this seminar you will have the basics, and with a little practice, you will be a pro.





Safari Club International Foundation and the Boy Scouts of America Foundation (BSAF) will host their second annual sporting clays shoot on Feb. 4, 2014 at the Clark County Shooting Facility in Las Vegas, NV.  This event precedes the opening of the 2014 SCI Annual Convention in Las Vegas with all proceeds from the shoot benefiting the programs of both SCI Foundation and BSAF.

 As the Title Sponsor of the 2014 shoot, Kreighoff International has donated a new Kreighoff K-80 Pro Sporter over/under 12-gauge shotgun with 32-inch barrels.  A sweepstakes drawing for the gun will be one of the highlights of the Second Annual SCI Foundation and BSAF Sporting Clays fundraiser.  Every shooter who registers for the competition will receive one ticket for the drawing, with additional tickets available at $100 each with a maximum of 300 tickets to be sold.  The K-80 Pro Sporter gun drawing will be held on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 at 2 p.m. in the SCI Foundation booth at the SCI Convention.

Register now to secure your spot for the Shoot!   You may register as an individual shooter or form your own four-person shooting team.  Your $350 registration per shooter includes targets, ammunition, lunch, one K-80 sweepstakes ticket and round trip shuttle service to the event from the Mandalay Bay Resort.  Participants will have the opportunity to meet Olympic shooters, outdoor TV personalities, enjoy a delicious lunch and the presentation of shooting awards.

Safari – The Clients’ Responsibility with Paul Stones

Paul Stones
Paul Stones


Your safari is booked, you have your airline tickets, and you think you are ready to go, but are you?  The outfitter has promised you the world, but what have YOU done to ensure that this safari will be the success you hope it to be?  To ensure the ultimate safari, your responsibilities are way more than you would ever imagine.  Join Paul to learn some important tips for the success of your upcoming safari!







Understanding and Utilizing Scent

Rex Holmes


Rex Holmes knows the key to getting past the excellent noses of deer and other animals is learning how they disperse, interpret and use scent.  A deer has three primary defense mechanisms that he uses for survival – sight, hearing and most importantly, smell.  Until now, smell has been the least understood and most difficult to fool.  Gain knowledge and techniques that will revolutionize how you use scent to your advantage.  Learn how scent-control technology becomes your secret weapon, optimizing your hunting experience.

Hunters will also learn that the myth of ‘hunting the wind’ no longer applies with todays’ scent science and technology.  Holmes believes strongly in practicing all-natural ways of scent elimination and offers great advice on the topic.