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Encouraging Women to Pull a Trigger

debbiefernshndgun101hnt4evr121413Join Deb Ferns at the 2014 SCI Convention for this straight forward discussion on encouraging women in the shooting sports.

Whether you are a hunting enthusiast, managing a hunting lodge or are a professional hunting guide, most of you hope to see more women share your passion relating to your outdoor event.  While there are many women currently enjoying a wide variety of hunting, the bottom line is that their numbers are small compared to the number of women who have yet to pull a trigger of any kind of firearm for the first time.

Deb Ferns will share her experiences from the last ten years as she has encouraged thousands of women at gun ranges across the US to safely pull a trigger for the first time.  Her common sense approach in reaching out to women to take a step outside their comfort zone, first in coming to the gun range, and then on to the hunting field, makes this a must-attend presentation on your schedule.

The first 20 attendees will receive an autographed book by Deb Ferns at the end of this seminar.

Preserve the Hunting Legacy for the Next Generation

latinamericashotguntrnghnt4evr112113Join us at the 2014 SCI Convention for this informative seminar!

Learn how including SCI Foundation as part of your estate plan can help pass on your passion for hunting to future generations while reducing your overall tax burden. Hear testimonials from SCI members and expert speaker, Justin T. Miller of BNY Mellon

Safari Tipping: The Improper Practice


Join Paul Stones at the 2014 SCI Annual Convention to learn what you should and shouldn’t do when the bill comes for your once in a lifetime safari.

You have saved and anticipated your African safari. You deal with the international travel, airports and taxis. Finally you get into the field and complete your hunt. You have fulfilled a lifelong dream!  The bill is handed to you, the obvious is paid. Then your stomach turns on the “tip.”

Paul Stones, African Outfitter and Professional Hunter for more than twenty years, will give you first-hand, the who, why, if, how much and when a tip is appropriate and when it could be a potentially destructive practice.

The Heavies

vanZwollcapebuffalohnt4evr111813Join Dr. Wayne Van Zwoll at the 2014 Annual SCI Convention for new insights and perspectives on bullet selection for large game.

Tough game shouldn’t survive your shot.  Bullet choice matters!  Does weight trump velocity?  Is full penetration desirable?  Do solid-copper bullets kill better than lead-core?  Why use flat-base bullets when boat-tails fly flatter?  Do VLD’s kill reliably?  What’s the real value of polymer tips?  How does impact speed affect upset?

Dr. van Zwoll taps his 45 years of field experience, plus insights from ballisticians and other hunters, for answers.  You get little-known facts about loads and rifles for heavy game.  More than 100 stunning photos!  Don’t miss this lively, informative seminar!