Top 10 Reasons to Go to Reno–No. 10

Auctions run both day and night and feature items ranging from the practical to priceless.

Reason No. 10It’s an experience you can’t afford to miss!

Kick off the new year with four days of excitement, entertainment and education that can only be found in Reno at the Ultimate Hunters’ Market® – The SCI Annual Hunter’s Convention.

It’s the only show of its kind where you can see a unique combination of the latest guns and hunting equipment, outfitters from six continents, world class artists and entertainers all under one roof.
The convention offers a rare opportunity to find that hunt of a lifetime at the price of a lifetime, meet outfitters, face-to-face and mingle with industry experts.

Seminars presented by industry experts and celebrities give you a chance to learn new techniques, enhance your skills and become a better hunter and outdoorsman.

By day, dozens of seminars presented by industry experts and celebrities give you a chance to learn new techniques, enhance your skills and become a better hunter and outdoorsman. Check out the auctions that run both day and night. They feature items ranging from the practical to priceless. At night, socialize with your fellow hunters, celebrate their accomplishments and enjoy top entertainment and speakers.

The total experience is one that is hard to describe, but never forgotten. And, ultimately by coming to Reno, you contribute directly to wildlife conservation worldwide and the preservation of our hunting legacy.



Richard B.’s Savage Striker

My most favorite hunting gun is my S&W 500 with a Burris 2 x 7 variable scope.  I’ll be using that next month in South Dakota on a bison firing 440-grain hard cast lead bullets with gas checks at just under 1500 fps.  Hopefully that will do the job.

My second most favorite gun is more versatile due to its longer range.  It is a Savage Striker.  I had it rechambered from .308 Winchester to .284 Winchester necked up to .308.  All I have ever used is 180-grain Nosler Partitions at just over 2500 fps from my handloads.  The factory trigger was horrible, so I had Timney install their rifle trigger in it which required changing to a rear grip stock.  Fortunately, a company (Zero Stocks I believe) was making a wood laminate stock at the time.  They seem to be out of business because I can’t find them now.  My Striker has a Burris 1 1/2-4 variable scope on it.  I killed my second elk with this gun last year as well as having taken five African antelope including eland.  I was worried about using it on eland, but it worked great.  I will admit the range was only about 35 yards.  It took the elk at about 220 yards. If it wasn’t for Canada’s gun laws, these would be the only guns I hunt big game with.–SCI Member Richard B.


Taxidermy Ear Repair

Kent Klineburger from Klineburger Enterprises shows how he repairs a damaged ear on one of the “touch” animals at the International Wildlife Museum.

New .300 AAC Blackout Handi-Rifle

H&R-300AACAdvanced Armament Corp., LLC (AAC) recently announced an entry-level rifle chambered for .300 AAC Blackout– The AAC Handi-Rifle chambered in .300 AAC BLK.

The Handi-Rifle is a single-shot option for hunters who take pride in their marksmanship and have the confidence in having only a single shot.  The AAC Handi-Rifle honors that choice with a combination of simplicity, reliability and accuracy.

The ACC Handi-Rifle features a phosphate finish on a lightweight-profile 1:7-inch twist, 16-inch barrel that comes threaded in 5/8”×24 TPI with a thread protector. A Picatinny rail on the receiver allows the mounting of any optic.  The AAC Handi-Rifle features a black, glass-filled polymer stock and retails for $359.

AAC Handi-Rifle Specifications:

Caliber: .300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35mm)

Barrel Length: 16″

Twist: 1:7″

Muzzle Thread: 5/8″-24

Stock: Glass-filled polymer, black matte finish, swivel studs, recoil pad

Action: Single shot

Sights: Scope mount rail, no iron sights

Length:  30″

Length of Pull: 11.75″

MSRP: $359


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