Jack O’Connor Center Debuts Web Forums

Jac-Oconnor_bighornThe Jack O’Connor Hunting Heritage & Education Center announces the creation of web-based forums where O’Connor fans can ask questions of other members, and exchange hunting tales and other experiences that relate to Jack O’Connor. The forums allow users to participate in the O’Connor legacy from their home computers or mobile devices.

Jack O’Connor (1902-1978) was our most prolific and influential outdoor writer who touched millions through his books and magazine articles. He lived in Lewiston, Idaho for 30 years. His early adoption and success with the .270 Winchester has forever linked the cartridge to the man. His legacy includes his high standards for ethical, sustainable and managed hunting.

jack-oconnor-dalls-sheepVisitors will find a link to the new forums on the main page of the official Jack O’Connor website. Initial discussion sections include: O’Connor’s guns; O’Connor books and articles; Ammunition and Ballistics; Center information; and a place to share your hunting stories.

The Jack O’Connor Hunting Heritage & Education Center is a 501[c]3 entity that relies on donations and grants for its existence. Opened in 2006 in Lewiston’s Hells Gate State Park, the Center is open year-round; please refer to the website for current hours.

2013 Convention Seminar–Trophy Rooms

What: Creating the Perfect Trophy Room
Speaker: Tom Julian
Where: SCI Convention, Reno, NV,Thurs. 1/24/13, 10:00 am – 11:30 am, RSCC A5; Sat. 1/26/13, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, RSCC A10/A11

This seminar focuses on how to design your trophy room in a manner that not only houses your taxidermy, but also serves as a functional part of your home and lifestyle. The discussion and slides  include the necessary structural, mechanical and aesthetic requirements, as well.

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Top 10 Reasons to Go to Reno–No. 3

legislatorReason No.3 – Protect the freedom to hunt.

For more than 40 years, SCI’s mission has been to protect the freedom to hunt and promote conservation worldwide. SCI members who come to Reno contribute greatly to that goal through their participation in committee meetings and seminars, through interaction with fellow hunters and industry professionals, and by voicing their opinions to chapter representatives and SCI leaders.

As a passionate member of SCI, you are dedicated to defending our hunting heritage, and attending the annual SCI Convention is another way for you to be better informed and actively involved in legislative and regulatory issues that affect conservation, hunting access on public lands and scientific game management.

Armed with that knowledge, you can return home and truly make a difference in protecting our freedom to hunt.

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2013 Convention Seminar–Drillings

gobbler-113012What: The European Drilling–An All-Around Champ
Speaker: Ron Dube
Where: 2013 SCI Convention, Reno
Among the most fascinating guns, drillings have a rich history.  You’ll get that here, first-hand, from Europe.  But life-long hunter and outfitter, Ron Dube, prefers combination guns for hunting stateside, too.  You’ll learn why–and what to look for in drillings and how to get a bargain.
A compelling story-teller, Ron recounts hunts, lists his pet loads and points you to experts who will bring you closer to owning, shooting and hunting with drillings.  Lots of pictures, too.  Don’t miss this talk!

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SCI Convention event

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