New Match Grade Blackpowder From Goex

Olde-Eynsford-blackpowder-110612Goex Powder Inc., the only American-made authentic blackpowder manufacturer for more than 200 years, is setting a new standard of precision with the introduction of its new Olde Eynsford gunpowder.

This new gunpowder is painstakingly crafted with only select grade materials and precision refined processes.  Its uniformly tight grain size ensures consistent shot-to-shot performance.  In response to competitive demand, higher velocities are attained with Olde Eynsford.

“ Olde Eynsford is ideal for cartridge and roundball competitors who demand precise shot placement at long distances,” said Tim Vaitekunas, Chief Operating Officer of GOEX Powder, Inc. “We believe this is the finest powder we’ve ever made in consistency and increased velocity.”

Look for Olde Eynsford in the plastic 1lb. cans at GOEX dealers everywhere in early 2013.  For a complete listing of distributors visit Goex Powder.



Interesting Horn Treatment

The other day, an interesting treatment for animal horns showed up on a popular forum.  The owner had polished them, and they looked like marble.

polished-kudu-horns 110612
Before polishing (left), after polishing (right).

To achieve the effect, he started by sanding down all of the surface cracks using an 80 grit belt on a belt sander and an 80 grit drum on a spindle sander.  It took a bit of force and patience and he cautioned to take steady strokes to keep the surfaces of the horns “flat” or free from dents. It took about 90 minutes per horn to get them sanded down.

After the electric sander, he used a rigid sponge block and 150 grit sandpaper to sand out the scratches left by the coarser grit paper. That took about 20 minutes per horn. The 150 grit was followed by 220 and 320, respectively. To check progress, he took the horns out into bright sunlight where he could see any missed areas.

Following the sanding, the horns were buffed on a buffing arbor with coarse buffing compound for 20 minutes per horn before calling them done.

Clearly, not everyone is going to like this treatment for their horns, but it is an interesting option for collectors with multiples of the same species who are looking for something different to put in their trophy room.


Special Guest Jim Shockey To Speak At Inaugural Hunter Defense Fund Luncheon

Jim-Shockey-head-shot-100912Award winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer/videographer, wilderness guide, and outfitter Jim Shockey will be the keynote speaker at the inaugural Hunter Defense Fund Luncheon on Saturday, January 26 at the 41st Annual Safari Club International Hunters’ Convention in Reno, Nevada.

The inaugural Hunter Defense Fund Luncheon will set the stage for the unveiling of a brand new political action committee (PAC).  The Hunter Defense Fund will supplement SCI’s existing political action committee, SCI-PAC, by allowing unlimited contributions to advocate for every hunter worldwide.

“The Hunter Defense Fund allows SCI to equip pro-hunting policymakers with the advertising and grassroots support they need to succeed,” said SCI President John Whipple. “We are honored to have hunting legend Jim Shockey speaking at the inception of our new PAC.”

“SCI is the only organization to take continual steps forward to protect every hunter through all forms of direct advocacy,” stated 2012 SCI International Hunter of the Year Jim Shockey.  “We really need everyone in the hunting community, both individuals and companies, small and large to step up and support the Hunter Defense Fund. If we want to continue to enjoy our rights as hunters, all of us need to take active steps to ensure our future and supporting the Hunter Defense Fund is a great step in that direction.”

The inaugural Hunter Defense Fund luncheon will open its doors at 11a.m. and run until 1:30p.m., with silent auctions, raffle tickets, and a live auction. Any hunter or company concerned about the future of hunting, management of our public lands, or fighting back on anti-hunting agendas, can purchase a table.

Learn more about the performers and about the 41st Annual Hunters’ Convention events by visiting Register now to take advantage of any advance ticket/registration early bird special rates!   Tickets for the 2013 evening entertainment are being sold faster than any show in SCI history.


Northern Alberta Horn Scoring Event

Alberta Record whitetail deer
The current No.1 ranked Northwestern White-tailed Deer (non-typical) was taken by Helgie Eymundson in Alberta. Eymundson self-guided the hunt in 2009, and the impressive buck scores 287 4/8.

The 1st Annual Northern Alberta Horn Scoring event is hosting an Official SCI Measuring Seminar being held in Edmonton, AB, on Friday January 4th, at 5:00pm, in Nisku Inn Hotel.  There will be three SCI Measuring Instructors teaching the course and will be available to answer all of your measuring questions. This is a seminar that is geared for everyone who wants to learn how to score their own animals or become a certified measurer to score animals for clients and other SCI members. Upon completing the training seminar, you will walk away with all of the knowledge and tools required to become certified as an SCI Official Measurer. The course is $200 and you must be an SCI Member to take the course. To register, please contact Chris Emery at (520)620-1220 ext. 265 or  You may also sign up online.


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