New LaserMax CenterFire Laser Sight

LCP_LC9-NPpageLaserMax is excited to announce the introduction of a highly visible green CenterFire laser sight for Ruger LC9 and the newly introduced LC380 pistols. This sight joins LaserMax’s previously-released red laser, now offering customers the choice between red and green.

Custom designed around the firearm, the CenterFire offers seamless integration with the front portion of the pistol frame, placing the emission point of the laser beam immediately under the bore for the highest accuracy. User installed in minutes–without the need for parts change or gunsmith–the CenterFire offers the most compact and robust laser solution available.


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics and Safari Club International Renew Partnership

zeiss logoCarl Zeiss Sports Optics and Safari Club International (SCI) have renewed their partnership. With 55,000 members and more than 190 membership chapters around the globe, SCI is the worldwide leader in protecting our freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation.

“Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has been a leader in providing premium riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and rangefinders for hunters dedicated to the finest in accuracy,” said SCI President John Whipple. “SCI hopes to continue building our corporate relationship with Carl Zeiss for many years to come.”

“We’re extremely proud to support SCI’s mission to protect the freedom to hunt and wildlife conservation,” said Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Optics. “Partnering with SCI gives us the unique opportunity to develop product lines with and for some of the most demanding hunters from around the world. We look forward to getting to know the members of SCI on a deeper level and maintaining our long-lasting relationship with this outstanding organization.”

ZEISS showed its new and innovative products at the 2013 SCI Convention in Reno, Nev., including the new Victory HT Non-Illuminated Riflescope, Conquest HD5 Riflescopes, Conquest HD Binoculars along with the all new TERRA premium entry line of Binoculars and Riflescopes.  In addition to these state-of-the-art new products, the full line of ZEISS riflescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes were on display. Attending was the Carl Zeiss Sport Optics professional staff who helped guide members and attendees through the broad portfolio of award-winning optics that fit their specific needs.

SCI’s Annual Convention is the ultimate hunters’ market where 1,100 vendors and more than 22,000 SCI members are able to come together Throughout the year, ZEISS optics will have an increased presence in SCI chapter fundraising catalogs and on the SCI website as a result of this new partnership.

McMillan Group International Introduces New Line of Extreme Velocity Ammunition

extvel-bannerMcMillan Group International announced the addition of a new line of ammunition tailored specifically to obtain optimal long range performance. The new Extreme Velocity utilizes advanced, high ballistic coefficient bullet design to give superior performance at long range. Berger Bullets are used exclusively. Each round is meticulously custom loaded to match quality standards. Powders are selected not just for maximum velocity, but also consistent velocity to minimize vertical spread at long range. The result is ammunition that outperforms conventional factory ammunition at very long ranges.

McMillan Extreme Velocity Ammunition

22-250 55 gr. BERGER VARMINT
243 Win 87 gr. BERGER VLD
6.5×284 Norma 140 gr. BERGER VLD
7mm Rem Mag 140 gr. BERGER VLD
7mm Rem Ultra Mag 180 gr. BERGER VLD
7mm EOL Ultra Mag 180 gr. BERGER VLD
300 Win Mag 185 gr. BERGER VLD
300 Rem Ultra Mag 185 gr. BERGER VLD
300 Rem Ultra Mag 210 gr. BERGER VLD
300 Rem Ultra Mag 230 gr. BERGER HYBRID
300 EOL Ultra Mag 185 gr. BERGER VLD
300 EOL Ultra Mag 210 gr. BERGER VLD
300 EOL Ultra Mag 230 gr. BERGER HYBRID
338 Lapua 300 gr. BERGER VLD

Your Next Plains Game Bullet?

gmx-375-0129132The .375 is a pretty good all-around caliber for the hunter who wants to take only one gun to Africa. With that in mind, Hornady showed a new bullet at the 2013 SCI Convention in Reno, NV, intended to enhance the usefulness of the .375 on the plains game end of the hunting spectrum.  The new 250-grain bullet is in Hornady’s GMX line, and combines a polymer tip for reliable expansion with a boattail design for greater long-range capabilities. Constructed of solid gilding metal, the GMX bullets are known for high weight retention and deep penetration.

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