Garóz Foundation Honors SCI

goroz030813The Spanish town of Los Yebenes is fully dedicated to hunting as a means of regional income and to honor the chase and the hunter. The Garóz Foundation, established by the Garóz family, a six-generation family business of taxidermy and metal art-work dedicated to hunting, has created the “Premio Megacero” to honor, so far, Spanish hunters. First was His Majesty, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, followed by three individual hunters.

For 2013, the Jury has decided for the first time to award an institution with the Award and also to honor an international association with it—Safari Club International.

The Award consists of a bronze plaque placed on the “Hunting Walk of Fame” in a ceremony to be held on Saturday, September 14th, 2013.


New Arc Xtreme Driver 4 Pin Bowsight

Bow-sight-030813Extreme archers can now have one of the most revolutionary and versatile bowsights in the industry, the Arc Xtreme (A.X.) Driver – 4 pin from Archer Xtreme. The fully machined 6061T6 aluminum sight is constructed from solid billet for precision and strength.  This makes the A.X. Driver light enough to carry on long hunts and tough enough to handle the worst terrain that dares to challenge a bowhunter. Maximum light transmission to the Center Core sight pins is accomplished via Archer Xtreme’s Fiber Harness and 20 inches of super flex fiber optics. The A.X. Driver features four, .019″ Center Core Pins with stainless steel tubes for durability and a true, absolute zero pin gap to accommodate the fastest speed bows.

How many times have bowhunters wished for just one more pin or missed a shot after attempting to stack pins. That will never happen with the A.X. Driver – 4 pin. The A.X. Driver sight has an ingenious micro-adjustment knob for elevation with laser markings for both the horizontal and vertical adjustments. Once your four primary pins are sighted in, you can gang adjust the entire sight to shoot virtually any distance thanks to its unique EDG Elevation Drive Gear system.  No longer will bowhunters be forced to shoot through the clutter of five, six or even seven or more pins!

It takes more than one innovation to be truly revolutionary and the A.X. Driver does not disappoint. The sight picture features Archer Xtreme’s patent-pending HD Fiber Guard Ring system for unmatched peep sight alignment. Hillside and shots from leaning treestands are a breeze thanks to the A.X. Driver’s ability to adjust on both the 2nd and 3rd axis, meaning you leave your worries behind and trust the bubble when making a critical shot. The A.X. Driver comes standard with a full lifetime warranty and is available in Archer Xtreme’s Blackout with red accent knobs.

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SCI 2013 Artist of the Year–Fred Boyer

Boyer,-FredWith an admiration of nature expressed in each design, professional artist and bronze sculptor Fred Boyer turns clay and wax into works of art. He has taken his love of art and wilderness, which stemmed from his childhood spent in the stark beauty of Montana’s mountain peaks and green valleys, and turned them into a life passion evident in each of his bronze sculptures. Working from his studio, nestled deep in the foothills of the Pintlar Wilderness Area, Boyer blends his passion for the outdoors with emotion and elegance.  This passion has inspired unique detail, movement and authenticity in his bronze sculptures, which have won international renown from art and wildlife enthusiasts.

Boyer’s love of outdoors and wildlife is the result of a lifetime of experiences.

As a young boy and through his teenage years, Boyer grew to appreciate the captivating wilderness that surrounded him in the rugged mountains and streams of Montana. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in art education from Montana State University, Boyer moved to Alaska to teach art in a public school and worked as a guide during the summer months.

In 1983, when the school system had budget cuts, Boyer returned to Montana to work as a guide. Eventually, Boyer’s passion for teaching art led to creating it. He conducted extensive research on animals and birds native to North America, Africa, Asia, South Africa and Mozambique. While experiencing the thrill of hunting, Boyer studies each element of nature so that emotions evoked in the wild may be expressed in his bronze sculptures.  He continues to grow in stature as an exceptional artist dedicated to his work and capturing the essence of nature’s real miracles in the western land he loves.

To give back to the source of his inspiration, Boyer is involved with Safari Club International and other conservation groups.  His superb wildlife bronzes, vivid illustrations and original custom jewelry are displayed in shows and galleries nationwide and on his website,

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PH Spotlight: Joaquin Morales

MOJMDSC_0112-2ndAt the age of six, Joaquin Morales made a career choice.  “I began to hunt by holding my father’s hand, and I owe him my love for hunting, my attachment to nature and respect for the animals,” he explains. Though he began hunting in Spain, his family relocated to Cameroon when he was 20 years old.

In 1985, Joaquin secured a contract with the Environment/Fauna Ministry for management of a camp in the Boubandjidah National Park and developed his career as a professional hunter in Cameroon.

Joaquin manages five camps for Mayo Oldiri Safaris in an area called the Sudanese Savannah. The hunt in this open area is exciting because the traditional method of following tracks is used. Specializing in Lord Derby eland hunts, Joaquin has taken more than 125 trophies for his clients during the past 25 years.  The camp accommodations, food and atmosphere are first class.

Mayo Oldiri also offers hunts in the Cameroon rain forest area.

When guiding clients, Joaquin carries a powerful .460 Weatherby Magnum for the client’s safety in case of problems with African big game.  When hunting alone, he carries a .375 H&H Magnum topped with a Zeiss 1.5-6x scope, a gift from his father.

The serious business of hunting does have its lighter moments. Joaquin recalls a nine-day hunt tracking a dwarf buffalo. Weather conditions were so bad the hunter wanted to quit unless Joaquin thought there might be one more chance. “When we found the track of a buffalo, the client asked, ”How old?”  Joaquin replied, “I think about 12 years old.” The hunter could not understand how a track that old could be followed.  “When I explained I was referring to the age of the animal, we had a good laugh.”

Joaquin recalls another memorable for elephant hunt with a Spanish client.

MOPHAmezaga“Hunting is to go to the bush and forget about time, suffer from the Harmattan wind, the dust or the infernal heat. Hunting means getting up at dawn and walking for a long hard day.  The hunter had these experiences and more.

When we finally found the elephant, late one April afternoon, we could not take photos because it was too dark. We posted guards, planning to return the next morning. We returned to find someone had extracted the tusks from our elephant.

“My client became discouraged and confused. We returned to camp, but I did not want to give up so easily and brought up this case with the traditional authority, the Sultan of Rey Bouba. With his support, we initiated an investigation with the help of the Sultan’s entourage.  He sent messengers to the chiefs of all his settlements and provided us with a group of trackers to return to the crime scene to help with the investigation.

“After three days, the Sultan’s representative reported they had located the thief and the tusks were in the hands of a merchant who agreed to return them because he was unaware they were stolen. The safari ended happily when the tusks were returned to my client.”

Mayo Oldiri Safaris has an active 12-year-old anti-poaching program. A year ago, an association called Mayo Rey Conservation was established. Its objective is the conservation of natural resources in all the areas bordering Boubandjidah Park. The association brings together the traditional authority represented by the Sultan of Rey Bouba; the management of Boubandjidah Park; the Department of Environment , represented by the Conservation Service of the Park; and Mayo Oldiri Safaris, which has five hunting areas in the sector.  Safari Club International is an honorary member of the association. Negotiations are underway to enable SCI to become an active member by contributing directly to Mayo Rey Conservation Association. Mayo Oldiri is a founding member of the Mayo Rey Hospital Foundation, which provides clinical services and surgery.

Joaquin has guided many SCI members and past presidents.  Mayo Oldiri Safaris, a long-tenured SCI member, is seventh in the SCI exhibitor ranking list. In 2012, Antonio Reguera, owner of Mayo Oldiri, received SCI’s Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the Year Award.

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