BoomVane Deploys Recovery And Containment Booms

SCI members who live on the water or who enjoy boating may be interested in knowing about the BoomVane from Elastec/American Marine. The BoomVane is an aquatic paravane system that enables oil recovery and debris containment booms to be towed by a single vessel. It works much like an outrigger planer board and even allows deployment of booms in rivers and tidal waters without the need for a boat or anchor. An offshore prototype was successfully deployed during the Oil-On-Water exercise conducted by the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operation Companies in Norway in June of this Year.


11 Days, 4.5 Million Clay Targets

The Grand American is the largest shooting event in the world. According to the event’s Tournament Director, Mike Hampton, 3,500 to 4,000 shooters from all 50 states and seven countries will fire from 121 trap fields.

Pigging Out In Half Moon Bay

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter President Tom Mattusch organized a special presentation by Mark J Hainds in Half Moon Bay, California, that focused on wild pig hunting around the United States.

Hainds is a lifelong hunter who grew up as the sixth generation on the Hainds family farm in north Missouri.  He received a BS in Forestry Management from the University of Missouri, and a MS in Forest Biology from Auburn University.

Feral hogs are a recurring management challenge in the southeast and throughout the U.S.  They are becoming a problem in California. In 2007 – the Chinese Calendar Year of the Pig – Mark set himself the goal of killing at least one feral pig in 10 different states.  This challenge is documented in his book Year of the Pig, which was published in 2011 by the University of Alabama Press.

Mark is touring his book across the country, discussing the hunts, the weapons, and the characters he encountered while pursuing pigs in: Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, California, Arkansas, Tennessee, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Georgia and Missouri.

There was a lot of discussion about calibers, which ranged from black powder .50 caliber to .17 HMR.


Mike Jordan Inducted Into ATA Hall Of Fame

Like many hunters, Mike Jordan started shooting clay birds to help him become a better hunter. Today, Jordan is in the Amateur Trapshooting Association’s Hall of Fame and SCI’s Director of Publicatioins, Steve Comus, was there to congratulate him.

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