2013 Convention Seminar–Conservation

springbok-120612What: Conservation in South Africa
Speaker: Adri Kitshoff
Where: SCI Convention, Reno, NV, Thurs. 1/24/13, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, RSCC A2

In the 1800s, wildlife in South Africa was under severe threat due to uncontrolled hunting and natural disasters.  In 1964, there was an estimated half million head of game in South Africa.  Today, there is more land under wildlife management and more wildlife itself in the country than at any time over the last 100 years.
SCI attendees are invited to listen to the story of success in managing wildlife populations in South Africa.

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“Field & Couch” Champions

The photos are of our two Gordon Setters, that are my (almost) constant companions.  Tori and Piper are seven-year-old brother and sister, litter mates.  I refer to them as my “Field & Couch” Champions, as they are working bird dogs, that live with us in our house.  Technically, Tori earned her American Championship in the show ring and only recently joined her brother Piper to work the fields and woods.

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When the July sun gets too hot for us in Texas, Sandy and I pack up ourselves and the two dogs and all drive 2,300 miles to our house in Maine.  We stay there until mid-October to catch New England’s grouse and woodcock season.  Then back to Texas for quail season.

Bird dogs have always been a part of my personal and hunting life.–Joe H.

If a man is really intelligent there’s practically nothing a good dog can’t teach him.”  Robert Ruark (The Old Man and the Boy)

2013 Convention Seminar–Dangerous Game Loads

VANZWOLL,Wayne-120412 What: Horsepower Under Your Thumb

Speaker: Wayne van Zwoll

Where: SCI Convention, Reno, NV, Thurs., 1/24/13, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm, RSCC A10/A11

Dangerous animals aren’t all harder to kill; they’re just necessary to stop!  This seminar discusses rifles and loads you’ll want–from classic big-bores to bolt-action rifles with double-gun punch.  Does bullet weight trump velocity?  What of sectional density?  Do heavy rifles help or handicap?  As for sights, are low-power variables oversold?  Dr. van Zwoll taps other experts and his 45 years afield for insightful answers.  Plus, stop shooting rifles and getting bruised!  Don’t miss this seminar!

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For The Love Of Dogs

If you thought Safari Club International members were into only big or dangerous game, you’d be mistaken. SCI Members are active in all forms of hunting including upland and small game.

We’d love to see some of your bird, rabbit or other type of hunting dogs.  Send a few photos of your canine hunting companion along with a little about him or her to spotlight@safariclub.org and we’ll share it on the blog.


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