Final Approach New Floating Redhead Decoys

Redhead-Decoy-Field-ImageFinal Approach, a reputable leader in the waterfowl industry since 1993, has introduced a new Redhead floating duck decoy six-pack. Each Redhead six-pack includes four drakes and two hens, with several head positions in each pack.

Final Approach decoys are custom-designed to provide outstanding definition and realism in the field. Custom-quality, highly visible paint schemes and highly realistic texture and feather detail set Final Approach decoys apart from other products on the market.

With an anatomically correct one-piece construction that incorporates the head and weighted keel, the Redhead is a simple, durable decoy designed to perform season after season.

Available in August, the Final Approach Redhead decoy six-pack set will have an MSRP of $94.95.


Youth Safari Day Background

Dennis Anderson, Chairman of the Youth Safari Day held each summer in southern California, describes how this popular event started 15 years ago and what it takes to run an event this big.

Gaston J. Glock Style LP New Dark Green Lightweight Shooting Vest

gaston-glock-vestGaston J. Glock style LP recently announced the newest addition to its hunting apparel line–the Dark Green Lightweight Shooting Vest. The vest is made in Poland, and is ideal for hunting in warmer regions, such as when on a safari in Africa.

The Lightweight Shooting Vest contains many pockets that are perfect for storing essential hunting supplies. It includes two patch pockets with double partitions and two interior pockets that are securely closed with zippers. Meshing in the back provides welcome ventilation on hot summer days or warm climate hunts, while the side slits provide increased freedom of movement. In addition, the waist is adjustable with buttons to create a flexible, proper fit.

The Dark Green Lightweight Shooting Vest is available for purchase on the website for $138.00 and comes in sizes S – 3XL for men and XS – 3XL for women.

Balearean Chapter Visit

Regional Representative Europe, Norbert Ullmann, right, visited the island of Mallorca, largest of the Balearean Islands, to enjoy some summer days paired with working meetings and some big game fishing. Two working dinners were scheduled with the Top Brass of the SCI Balearean Chapter to discuss past, present and future, specifically some of the conservation and education projects the chapter is engaging into. During one of these dinners, Ullmann thanked the Chapter’s President, Prof. Dr. Miguel Estáde, left, with a personal gift for his constant work on behalf of SCI.


Last scheduled meeting of the visit was with the Government of the Balearean Islands and attending the third working session of the “Balearean Big Game Hunting and Trophy Measuring Commission,” where a series of very important points for the future of big game hunting in Mallorca were discussed and agreed to be put into action. Focal point is the planning of the celebrations in 2014 of the tenth anniversary of SCI accepting the “Balearean Boc or Wild Goat” as a separate European big game species and for SCI providing the stirrup on which an entire big game hunting industry could develop in the Balearean Islands with many international hunter/conservationists enjoying a hunt on the Island of Mallorca for a wild species whose future was saved by “conservation through utilization.”

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