Lusitania On TV

The activities of the SCI Lusitania Chapter were brought to the attention of a lager audience recently as the Spanish TV channel “Caza y Pesca” made a special program on the chapter’s activities under their “Veda Abierta” program schedule.


Shown from right to left: Helder Mèndes, Portuguese journalist and dean of the outdoor writers and in his native country; Juan Delibes, Managing Editor of “Caza y Pesca TV” receving an Honourary Pin of the SCI Lusitania Chapter from Chapter President Fernando Jordao.



Trophy Horn Gap Repair

Often mounts with large antlers or long horns are made so that the antlers or horns are removable.  That sometimes results in an unsightly gap between the base of the horn and the top of the head. Kent Klineburger from Klineburger Enterprises shows a quick and easy way to fix the gap and make your trophy more attractive.

Chattanooga Area Chapter Sponsors Hunt For Warriors

As reported by WTVC News Channel 9 and NBC the Chattanooga Area SCI co-sponsored 25 warriors for an all expenses paid two-day whitetail hunt in Chattanooga. Most of the hunters came from Ft Campbell in Clarksville, TN. The chapter was presented with an Airborne battle flag that was signed by all the soldiers. Also given away to the group were a rifle and pheasant hunt. 25 soldiers participated in the hunt, and 26 whitetail deer were harvested in the two day event.


Fourteen-year-old year old Parker Swan, received a certificate of appreciation from the Ft Campbell group Screaming Eagles Airborne Group. He served as a hunt guide for Jeremey Chapin, a combat wounded veteran on his first deer harvest the first morning of the hunt. Jeremey had never hunted before.


Trophy Measuring Training In Argentina

Herb Atkinson, Chariman SCI Record Book and World Hunting Awards Committee, describes SCI’s recent training session in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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