There are some things that by design are functionally efficient without embellishment or constant change. This is most certainly true with the Sharpfinger knife concept by Schrade (Taylor Brands). Simple, straightforward and without any need for change over time, this particular knife concept has proven itself for many decades. The simplicity of this knife design is not only enriched by the upswept clip-point blade pattern that functions as a superb hide removal tool, at the same time the knife also works exceedingly well as a total edged game care field tool. Continue reading Sharpfinger

Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Wildlife And Hunting

In an opinion released today, the Supreme Court ruled that an 1868 treaty between the U.S. and the Crow Tribe could give members of that tribe the right to ignore state hunting regulations and engage in the unregulated take of game beyond the borders of reservation land. Continue reading Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Wildlife And Hunting

Sponsor An Educator To Attend AWLS

Have you ever considered sponsoring an educator from your community to attend one of the six workshops scheduled at AWLS this summer?  Our goal is to fill every seat in each workshop, which holds a maximum of 40 educators.  Chapter fundraising season is coming to an end and sponsoring an educator to attend AWLs with your hard-earned fundraising dollars is a rewarding way to spend those funds. Continue reading Sponsor An Educator To Attend AWLS

The .375 Ruger: Best of Runners-Up?

You can’t replicate the age and field record of the .375 H&H. But improve upon it?

When my first softpoint struck, the hunt was over. But in true buffalo fashion, the kill was just starting. Useless shoulder hardly slowing his pace, the bull galloped closer. A solid drove through to the bone on the off-side, mincing more lung. The animal stumbled, then skidded, dead in billowing dust. Continue reading The .375 Ruger: Best of Runners-Up?

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