Knives And Other Sharp Things – Easy Sharpening

With either of these two tools from Smith’s Abrasives you can sharpen a knife in seconds, not minutes.

Every knife owner will be faced, sooner or later, with a constantly dulling blade edge. When this presents itself, if steps aren’t taken to resolve the situation, then real personal danger awaits. This is because a dull blade responds to cutting pressure in an abnormal manner. When this occurs, the blade becomes uncontrollable and an accident can happen. Should such an occurrence take place deep in the backcountry, you’ll find yourself in a heap of trouble. Continue reading Knives And Other Sharp Things – Easy Sharpening


60 inches for 60 years

We had been glassing the thickly covered terrain all morning looking for a big kudu bull and had not spotted any yet, when my eye caught a glimpse of black in the shade of a large camel thorn tree. I pulled the binoculars back to the dark shape. When the animal turned its head in our direction, my breath sucked in sharply and my heart started to pound. I made a small ‘pssst’ sound to Gerrie Vorster, my professional hunter, and he quickly trained his own binoculars in the same direction. We both stared silently at the bull. After a short time, I heard him moving closer to me so we could talk. Continue reading 60 inches for 60 years

European Straight Pull Rifles

It’s ironic that while most of the tri-lug rifles available here come from overseas manufacturers, European hunters — at least those who can afford them — prefer straight-pulls like the Merkel, Blaser and Heym. What’s really interesting is the fact that the only feature these three guns share is that they function with a simple pull-push Continue reading European Straight Pull Rifles

2020 Pathfinder Award Recipient To Go On South African Hunt-Of-A-Lifetime

Marcus Steury of Hicksville, Ohio was chosen as this year’s Pathfinder Award recipient for the work he does to help other disabled individuals while continuing his passion for the outdoors and love of hunting. Continue reading 2020 Pathfinder Award Recipient To Go On South African Hunt-Of-A-Lifetime

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